Correction: Local Democrats trying to suppress your vote

A few corrections


The alternate plan to the Democrats 20 districts is not 10, it should have been 5. That was a typo on my part. The Farm Bureau claims now they aren’t supporting any plan even though I was told they were. The vast majority of the County is farmland!

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington and Normal both have their own governments. What the County does largely doesn’t affect them except for the jail and court system. Bloomington even has it’s own election authority County taxpayers are forced to fund. County government has a HUGE impact on people outside of Bloomington-Normal with roads, bridges, zoning, etc. As a country resident, I don’t want the people who thought Uptown was a good idea telling me how to live.

Redistricting takes place every 10 years. Talks are happening right now in the County Executive Committee. So far they have had two meetings, a third one…

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2 thoughts on “Correction: Local Democrats trying to suppress your vote

  1. AW. but ole JB said in the EARLY days of his office that he would VETO any maps that made the districts “politically advantageous” And Chris koos don’t lie either!
    Can we just send ALL these idiots and their cronies-Pritzker, koos, renner, matejka Carillo, and craybill off to some volcanic island?? The world WOULD be a better place and a LOT less corrupt. Take notice politicians! This is not just MY own personal feelings, but that of a LOT of people.


  2. Don’t you want to tell *us* in Bloomington-Normal how to vote, though? What goes around comes around. The town and city subsidize every single rural road, bridge, sewer, and law enforcement effort in the rest of the county, which is something you well know as someone who scrutinizes budgets, so don’t we have a right to more influence? I’d be more than happy to stop paying taxes to the county and the township in exchange for no representation there, but good luck funding anything without the very valuable parcels in Bloomington and Normal providing tax revenue with the value of farmland continuing to fall.

    To “Townie,” the previous commenter: the governor has no authority to veto a county reapportionment. If a county fails to file a reapportionment plan by the deadline, the county’s commission will be elected entirely at large, with the number being the largest the county would be entitled to by population, which would be substantially worse for non-urban areas compared to anything the county would come up with now.


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