If this isn’t criminal it should be: Normal hiding from FOIA

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is an email I received as part of a FOIA from Normal. Note it is entirely redacted:

I’m not sure why Normal had a copy since they aren’t listed. I noticed it was written to a City of Bloomington employee, so I FOIA’d Bloomington for this email. See if you notice anything strange in the one I received:

These two are the same email. Normal wanted to hide the information in the first one by redacting it, but they took it ONE STEP further. They ERASED the attachments line and the name of the file attached. Altering a public document simply because it is part of FOIA is illegal. Documents belong to the people, not government.

Next I of course had to FOIA Bloomington for the file. Maybe somebody can tell me what’s so top secret about it:

I think I know, maybe I should wait until the head exploding is over. Of course I am map challenged. (Just ask my hubby)

Maybe Normal just wants citizens to pay instead of billing Rivian. Developers always pay the cost of running utilities.

6 thoughts on “If this isn’t criminal it should be: Normal hiding from FOIA

  1. Normal is fabricating documents? There is no valid excuse to forge historical records. This should be investigated.

    Koos, Pam and the rubber stampers have had no issue with lying before, so I have no faith they will lift a finger on this either.

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  2. Pam likes to play hide and seek with you. She hides the truth and you seek it. It is is entertaining to watch. But as a resident and taxpayer of Normal, I am frustrated with the seemingly endless disregard of open and transparent government.

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    1. BOBBY: Happy you are “entertained” watching public officials blatantly lie and rob taxpayers blind, you sound part of the same immoral club. Are you “frustrated,” like, it kind of bothers you, but that’s okay you can live with it?


  3. Diane. We appreciate you so very much. koos, reece, and the rest of the local deep staters believe they are entitled to play fast and loose with our money and with the law. Thank you for going after them.

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