Bloomington’s Monday festivities

By: Diane Benjamin

Special meeting at 5:15

I wonder if Jenn Carrillo will bother to show up?

A Code of Conduct is a loser folks. The Council has no ability to do anything but censure and that did nothing to straighten out Tari Renner when he got one.

The Council should instead be telling the area representatives to pass a state law allowing the citizens to recall elected officials. Citizens should have recourse against those who were elected under false pretenses or those who have lost the faith of citizens they supposedly represent. We deserve to not be “stuck” for years with those who fail to be public servants.

The 6:00 pm meeting will be a riveting presentation by Connect Transit on their budget. Guaranteed: The massive loses are totally planned and acceptable.

Citizens also get Part 4 of Solid Waste, another “must see”.

(Yes I’m kidding)

One more item by socialist Jeff Crabill. He wants this:

There are Help Wanted signs everywhere but many businesses can’t find people willing to work. The fastest way to get people out of their house and out working is to shut off unemployment benefits followed closely by their utilities.

Jeff, should this go on for another year? Two? Indefinitely? Is that the real goal? Pritzker will likely do this without any requests, he thinks just like you Jeff.






5 thoughts on “Bloomington’s Monday festivities

  1. Craybill is pandering or looking for attention. There are many “safety net” organizations set up to address these issues. It is not the city council’s role. The reason roads suck and crap gets neglected is because people get into local politics and waste too much time focusing on things outside of the scope of the role.

    Newsflash… If you want to be a SJW don’t become a alderman or you f-up the core services a city provides.

    CT is a joke. They should replace Whithouse and fire Peterson. Then subsidize rideshare everywhere but the main routes that have sizable ridership. Peterson was brought in just to build a structure for Bloomington. He took service away from the poor when he was manager in Normal. He could give 2 shits about those who need public transportation..

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  2. They will NEVER push for recall votes. It would make them immediately responsible for their actions which are forgotten after time. A good idea except democrats would abuse this like was done in Wisconsin when Walker was gov.

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  3. Of COURSE, this is what Jeff wants! He works at State Farm where it’s well known that they are the hardest workers in central Illinois. Otherwise WHEN would Craybeak find time to keep the public goodwill agitated??


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