What happened to Koos on the Amtrak Board?

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Remember this:

Chris Koos isn’t on the Amtrak Board because he was never confirmed by the Senate: https://www.congress.gov/nomination/116th-congress/1915

Koos will never be on the Amtrak Board unless he is re-nominated. See the explanation for Senate Rule XXXI listed above:


The Koos nomination ended in September 2020. Did Koos refuse to appear and testify before the Committee? Was a vote never taken to advance his nomination because he didn’t agree? Did Trump’s loss destroy his chances? See the congress.gov link above.

Since this job pays more than $150,000, Koos needs to let voters know if he will be re-nominated. With that salary and working in DC he won’t have time to be mayor too. (Maybe he can Zoom)

Did Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth changed their minds about nominating him.

Maybe after all the accolades, Koos changed his mind about wanting the job.

Voters deserve to know if they are voting for a guy who

already has plans to quit.

(Of course the press won’t ask him)

12 thoughts on “What happened to Koos on the Amtrak Board?

  1. Maybe Koos’ health is so bad that he’s not up for the job at Amtrak. Did anybody take a serious look at the guy on the channel 47 debate? Looks to me like he already has one foot in the grave. But, more importantly he has no intentions of finishing his term if reelected. If he doesn’t die in office he will be resigning to move in Mayor Kevin McCarthy, AJ Zimmerman, or God help us, Kathy Lorenz. This is all a set up. Amtrak might give Koos a reason for resignation. If not it will be his health. Wake up Normal, you’re being played. Anybody who doesn’t see this ain’t paying very careful attention.

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    1. I think that’s a good observation. It just kills me how “some” voters will gleefully vote for these sickly old people. It seems more prevalent as of late with one particular ‘type” of voter as well. To me, it shows that they really don’t pay much attention at ALL to who and what they are voting for.

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  2. One would say he got sidetracked….another mystery, what happened to Nora Dukowitz? The Pantagraph realized she was gone yesterday and been so for 6 weeks. Must have been really great at her so called vital communications job to be gone that long and not missed.

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    1. Kind of reminds me of a story I read one time, true story written by the guy who did it. He was a “vice president in charge of something or other” with some giant company. He was about a year away from retirement and he decided he would try doing absolutely NOTHING except perhaps delegate if need be for his last year, he kept this to himself. He hung out in the lounge, he hit the company gym every day, he walked the track that was near the building now and then. He read in his office, he napped in his office and really did NOTHING productive the entire last year of his job, he said he had to attend a few meetings here and there but did not really participate he was simply present but did enjoy the free lunches proving what he had always known that he, and his position were completely unneeded and yet he was paid quite well. This happens far more than many people realize in many corporations and it happens even more in government/bureaucracies.

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  3. What’s really funny is Alan Sender who is married to Elizabeth Ropp (two BN insiders if there ever were any) has a letter to the editor in today’s Pantagraph explaining Responsible Cities and their endorsements for the upcoming election. Guess who they picked? Straza and Koos for mayor respectively and AJ, Kevin and the Royal Fortress for Council. Surprise, Surprise. When you form your own PAC I guess you get to endorse yourself as well. Don’t bother pulling it up on the online edition. It’s only in the print edition. Maybe even the Pantagraph sees through their BS. Either that or they covering for them so people don’t post their comments.

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      1. What remains of the Bloomington ‘elite’ is dwindling fast- and their pull has never been weaker. Straza is simply 4 more years of life support for these people. Truth be told – about 30% of these so called ‘elites’ can’t stand each other and they take it ALL personally. Straza HAS to win- for their sake.


      2. One day the sun will set on the BN Elitist Clique. It’s going to be hard to control and centrally plan a community in freefall with no economy and a declining population and tax base.


  4. Koos moving to DC would be a great. The more professional crooks there would eat him alive. Koos living in a cesspool would be quite fitting and at least we could be rid of him. Good riddance!


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