Louie Gohmert coming to Bloomington!


17 thoughts on “Louie Gohmert coming to Bloomington!

    1. …and BNIndy just lost my vote,,,unless of course BNIndy can provide the perfect candidate. Then I might be impressed.


  1. No, Louie is crazy! When candidates use these people, I no longer support them. Even when I agree with some of what they say. When candidates use the lunatic fringe to help them campaign, they lose those of us who are independent.

    I’ll write in my own name.


    1. Louie is a former judge who got tired of enforcing stupid laws so he decided to make laws instead. What’s crazy? Steve King crazy too? Mark Levin? Believing in the constitution is crazy? You read the wrong site!


  2. Yes, they all are. I read your site to be informed on the shenanigan’s going on around here in local government, not because I agree with all of your political leanings.


      1. The other one doesn’t interest me. As an independent, I subscribe to no party. Political parties are ruining this country, along with many other things… 🙂


      2. That’s why people who aren’t part of the establishment need to be elected. Louie, Steve, Mike. It’s not that difficult. Nothing changes otherwise.


  3. Agreed, just not ones from the lunatic fringe – from both sides. People with plain common sense.

    And I should correct myself: not necessarily political parties, but more so the influx of massive amounts of money into those parties and their candidates. That’s what’s ruining it.


    1. Flynn isn’t getting massive amounts of money. What makes somebody the lunatic fringe? Did you attend the debate? Maybe you should show up tomorrow – lots of common sense going around.


      1. I know he’s not and he won’t win. In today’s “democracy,” it’s impossible for someone who isn’t bought and paid for to win.

        Those that think government should not exist or be very bare bones. Those who think there is no separation of church and state. Those who don’t believe in science. Those who think we should pay 50, 60, 70 percent or more in taxes, those who think the IRS should be abolished, those who think there should be no regulation whatsoever on guns, the bike looneys here in town, those who are anti-military, those who think government should control everything, the mayors of Bloomington and Normal, etc., and Texas.

        Yes, I did, and yes, there was. Then it went out the window when he decided to have Louie campaign for him.


    2. Actually the influx of money makes races more competitive not less. The reason being that it takes less people to get a candidate elected. Limits on political donations only help the incumbents who already have name recognition. It’s very difficult to win when you have to spend lots of time finding a bunch of donors because they are limited in what they can give.

      On a different note, I find it sad that in the country that proved how great free market capitalism is, we have a duopoly in our political system.


  4. He’s a religious nut, an anti-vaxxer, thinks Jade Helm 15 is a conspiracy to take over states, and the whole terror babies thing. He’s nuts! He’s now associated with Flynn, so I’m not voting for him.

    Brat was an anomaly that won’t happen again. The Koch brothers will make sure.


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