Video of Bloomington’s future

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader found this video on-line.  Thanks Mike.

Tari wants the ability to terminate comments from citizens if he doesn’t approve.  Watch the video – this is Bloomington’s future.

A lady on the Council leaves the chamber and asks citizens to join her outside so they can petition their government for a redress of grievances.  I predict in Bloomington, it won’t be a lady.

18 thoughts on “Video of Bloomington’s future

      1. Diane, this is the worst of the worst of Carpertersville. I won’t spoil it but to say that our forefathers would be very disgusted that Democracy is curtailed in this manner. My comments don’t do it justice.


      2. I like the other one more. He got way more than 3 minutes, but was allowed to speak. Glad I didn’t close it before the Trustee started! If anybody watches it – don’t think it is over too soon!


      3. Diane, I forgot to mention that what I posted is a playlist. So there is about 20 videos. There is one where the Minutemen were shouted. If you click playlist, you can view others.


  1. My father ALWAYS says “CONTROL the people and YOU WILL control their mind” and since he is a WWII veteran, and SAW first hand WHAT the HITLER youth were capable of and HOW they, and others, were brainwashed by the “Third Reich” I think he speaks with the TRUTH!! ANY thoughts on that???


    1. I think your father speaks the truth. It starts as something small, a movement, a letter, a lie, a scam and grows into a philosophy that empowers the few why oppressing the citizens. My aunt left Nazi Germany because she saw what her country had become. It started with the Jews, then the teachers, the labor leaders, the intellectuals, the Roma, mentally ill, the Catholic Church. Jazx was even banned. We all know how that turned out for Germany and its allies.


  2. Diane: When was the done? What meeting? Would like to know more about this one. As you know the press did not do anything on this. Jeff Carnahan Bloomington, Illinois Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 16:21:31 +0000 To: [email protected]


  3. I’d still like to see us all organize and start some picketing. How about starting at IWU? How about letters to their financial contributors and fat cat alumni educating them about our wonderful PILF Mayor and his attack on free speech and his dictatorial behavior?


    1. Is Renner on sabbatical? If so, is that IWU attempting to distance themselves from him or are they giving him more time to pursue his agenda since they support it? If it’s the former, IWU should be left alone. If it’s the latter, then they should be held accountable


  4. Give this woman a NAZI flag, leather boots and teach her to goose step, just KEEP her away from the AMMUNITION cabinet! GEEZ! This is truly unbelievable. GOD help CIVILization!


  5. If just one person is arrested for exercising their rights & someone happens to video it, then maybe that video could make its way to a certain national news network and the whole world could c the tyranny ppl of Bloomington are dealing with!


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