The BIG dogs bite Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin

Most of you probably didn’t see the bird-cage liner story on Monday’s Council meeting.  That means you don’t know what they left out – the Edgar County Watchdogs!  A few comments from citizens were included, but nothing from the guys who drove 2 hours to defend the rights of citizens to speak.  Nice job (and no wonder nobody reads you!).

I hear Steve Vogel was there, but since I don’t know him, I didn’t see him.  One older skinny dude was giving me the evil eye – Stevie, was that you?  Maybe he will write about the meeting Saturday.  I hope this time he remembers to include the part about his daughter being Renner’s campaign manager TWICE!  Somehow, he forgets sometimes.  Maybe its age.

The now famous Edgar County Watchdogs, recently front page news in the Chicago Tribune, came to town to tell the Mayor just how illegal his plans to limit public comment are.  Thanks to everybody who watched yesterdays video:   It got lots of views!

The bc-liner shamelessly protected their Boy Mayor as they were too scared to print the truth about him and Team Tari:  Painter, Hauman, Black, and Buragas.  All voted to slam through an illegal ordinance change regardless of threatened litigation.

Maybe they could learn journalism from some guys doing it:
Lots of interesting stories – even a video from this week of another wind turbine fire.  It’s entertaining to watch a blade fall off!  I think farmers with wind turbines on their property would be interested in liens being placed on farmland in Hoopeston.
Think the BCL could editorialize about Lisa Madigan taking 3 years to issue a ruling against a water district for not complying with the Freedom of Information law?  Wrong party, so no criticism.   The site has lots of information about the College of Dupage abusing taxpayers.  More news is on their front page than gets into a newspaper here in a year.
Renner needs to be bitten a little harder by ECW.  He didn’t learn his lesson Monday.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if more “bites” will be coming soon.

8 thoughts on “The BIG dogs bite Renner

  1. Diane,
    Last video I am posting today but this is worth a share if you want your readers to see how serious ECW is about government following the law. Not sure if they mentioned this to you.

    It’s not just Bloomington where open meetings laws are being violated. There was a good one from New Jersey that I can share tomorrow if you would like.


  2. I don’t live in Bloomington, but I know how their policies are sucking the life out of the rest of the county and am very concerned about this issue. What I don’t understand is why many of the people fighting this battle are from outside Bloomington. Where is the outrage amongst the residents. Qudos to those who try and shame on those who actually have the power to do something about this and don’t.


    1. Matt, other than Diane who everyone know lives outside of Bloomington, how many people do you THINK live outside of Bloomington? what are you basing your assumption on?


      1. Yes I was talking about the Edgar county people, but also the fact that the majority of the citizens keep voting for this nonsence. I know a lot of people are standing up, but you can’t blame all this on the council when people keep electing them.


  3. Has anyone tried lately to cancel their subscription to the Pantycrap? What a sick joke. They won’t refund you the money that’s left in your account before your subscription runs out! The customer service rep I talked to in Hammond, Indiana wanted to know how they can “donate” the papers I won’t receive while my subscription runs out. To which I answered: “What papers?” Since their new delivery system was put in place a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t been receiving my papers! So all the way around I’m screwed with the Pantycrap. I can either pay for a paper I’m not receiving or cancel my subscription and pay for a paper I won’t receive. I think from classical literature this is called “Hobson’s choice.”


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