Hillary and Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

Hillary Clinton and the City of Bloomington have a lot in common!

Both think they are entitled to decide who is press and who isn’t.

The UK’s Daily Mail frequently reports on things the American Press refuses to.  One of their reporters was banned from covering Hillary events.  The American press is in Hillary’s back pocket, but the Daily Mail isn’t.  They reported some unflattering things about her – so Vladimir Clinton banned them.

Sound familiar?  Diana Hauman didn’t want to hear what a Cities 92.9 reporter had to say, so she walked out of the room.  Nora Dukowitz didn’t like hard questions so she filed for a restraining order.  Tari didn’t like what I report so he posted an obscene comment on my site.

There is one big difference however.

The liberal press in Hillary’s pocket fought back.  Even the New York Times joined other big media in protesting Hillary’s campaign to control who reports what.  They REALIZE that if it can happen to the Daily Mail it can happen to them.

Liberal Steve Vogel attacked Fistbump and Cities 92.9 in the bird-cage liner.  WJBC didn’t see Freedom of the Press as an issue either.  Neither stood up and called Tari a bully for his attack on me.  Both media sources are too far gone to ever be objective again.

The New York Times stood up for a competitor, your local media won’t.  They are so far in the City’s pocket they even support the attacks on other media.

Your local media is not only gutless and clueless, they are dangerous.  Uninformed citizens make uninformed decisions.  The City can tell the masses any talking points they deem important through their bought and paid for media.

The City of Bloomington has other ways of making sure citizens are uninformed too.  The Committee of the Whole wasn’t live streamed last night.  It seems they pick and choose when the 3rd meeting of the month is recorded.

Transparency Tari?  You get to pick and choose when to be transparent?  (of course we knew that)

All meetings of the City Council must be live streamed so the electorate has access to information.

They sure aren’t going to get it from the press.




2 thoughts on “Hillary and Bloomington

  1. The minutes of the meetings no longer include the name of those who comment nor the topic of the comments. The ordinance addressing Public Comment cites only a portion of the ordinance. One commenter challenged the legality of a closed session without first having a public hearing about the purchase proposal. Alderman Lower went unrecognized for a time following the prepared motion read (and re-read) by Alderman Hauman to go to Closed Session. After Mr. Lower was recognized, he challenged the need to have a closed meeting. Alderman Lower’s question went unanswered (in my opinion) and the Mayor proceeded to excuse the citizens present in the chamber.


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