Hales May Report is on-line

By:  Diane Benjamin

Hales released the report earlier than usual.  See it here:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=8754

The library continues to report LESS people using it and LESS items being circulated.  See pages 45-46  However, the march to build continues.  Do you realize it’s YOUR money Bloomington?

See page 33.  Evidently Tax Receipts were really bad in May.  Most of the recap is blank.

May was not a good month for violent crime – see page 11.  The numbers are easily distorted.  It looks like April was around 27 crimes and May around 38.  The trend is troubling though.

Golf numbers are shown with no comparison to previous years.

Zoo attendance is also down even with the two baby snow leopards.  Very cute – check out the pics.






7 thoughts on “Hales May Report is on-line

  1. What was that article in the birdcage liner today? Something about local government is encouraged about economic growth? As tax receipts are down.


      1. WJCB reported that the City spent $5,000.00/month for a consultant to analyze the Front and Center proposal which they found to be too risky. Now, the Mayor seems to believe the consulting firm is responsible for the failure of the proposal to move forward. He believes the local Economic Development Council would have done a better job…like support the high-risk proposal?


  2. Maybe we, the citizens should start calling ourselves Citizen Consultants and whoever goes to the podium during Public Comment time, can use that title after their giving their name, and I believe they did away with requiring one to state their home address awhile ago.


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