Little of this and a little of that

By:  Diane Benjamin

Gas in Decatur today $2.11.  Gas in Bloomington today $2.25.


A complaint was filed against Tari Renner for violating the garbage can ordinance:

It was filed by a Bloomington resident who has recently been hassled by the City.  The resident filed a FOIA request for the letter sent to Renner’s address, the City’s response was to approve the request BUT is said the requester had to PICK IT UP at City Hall.  (A PIECE OF PAPER!)

Yes, Mayor Renner is very transparent.  It’s more than obvious City Hall hates citizens – citizens get in the way of progress!


Tari Renner is on a media blitz to save himself.

Dear Tari:

Your ticket and Margot’s was NOT purchased as part of a group.  Lie 1

Margot was not an official delegate except in your mind.  Lie 2

WGLT thinks Margot reimbursed the City for her ticket in 1 week – it was 21 days before the City deposited her check.  Lie 3

Lying is very unattractive mayor.  Please stop.

Dear Media:  Mayor Renner needs fact checked every time he opens his mouth.  Do your job for a change.



Monday night the Council will discuss how they can justify getting more of your money.

They will also discuss Priority Based Budgeting.

  • Citizens Number 1 priority:  Fix the ROADS
  • Council’s top priority:  Everything but fixing the roads

See David Hales’ comments from last Monday night:



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6 thoughts on “Little of this and a little of that

  1. Did Renner and Margot fly to Japan on a different airline than the delegates? What airline did Koos take? I thought this was a joint B/N Sister Cities program.

  2. It’s not on the agenda but Hales/Renner wanted to continue the discussion about the DBA being brought into the City as part of the Community Development Department. They ran out of time at the special meeting because Renner monopolized the time with his request for an aide.

  3. I guess get the torches and pitch forks and run his ass out of town. Terri, you don’t deserve this town and we sure as hell don”t deserve YOU!

    1. That would be a dream come true, but until the mindset of this town is changed – it wouldn’t matter – there a several Tarrys I am sure just waiting in the wings if somehow he could be removed from office. The apathy of the “average voter” needs to be turned into a passion to rid this town of the Tarry types, the council is also just a little mini-swamp and my guess is the next reptilian slime ball to run for mayor should Tarry be removed will rise out of that swamp. I did my part I voted for Bayne, then Lower, Hopefully there will soon come an “Anti-Tarry” that will totally destroy him by being able to rouse up the rabble here in town at least enough to get them to vote. IF that would happen – Tarry would suffer a monumental defeat, but somehow, the rabble need to be roused.

      1. Don’t forget the additional adjective “nasty.” Tiny, nasty group of citizens…there he goes calling names again.

        Mayor, you are college professor of political science. The citizens are speaking in opposition and holding you accountable. That’s the way our country’s government works.

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