Do Laws, Codes, Regulations Matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you violated any of the above you would be prosecuted?  Would the City ignore ordinance violations?

Does this regulation matter?



















Page 14:














Does it matter if some of the residents are in Japan?  Or, maybe they are back.  This pick is from this morning.

I wonder if the neighbors like being able to see the cans from the front of the house?  Guess what?

A neighbor sent these pics to me!

Do laws matter?

(need two hands to count the violations!)


12 thoughts on “Do Laws, Codes, Regulations Matter?

  1. I’m actually wondering about those multi-colored, multi-lingual “Illegal aliens welcome here” signs. Aren’t they subject to some ordinance….like election signs? I mean, my hippie neighbors have been mowing around them all summer long. Isn’t it time the city/town make these people move on………or maybe the town supports the message , so there’s no enforcement.

      1. I don’t remember the Council voting on a code variance for those signs. Those homeowners and business owners can display the signs in their windows instead of littering the lawns. The whole purpose of the “no sign in yards” code is for esthetics.

  2. Pretty big house for one person with two grown kids. Need a three car garage for the two Vettes and the Lexus though. Living large on a professors salary and meager mayor salary. How do they do that? Sigh. So much for apartment living and lower the carbon footprint. Somebody ought to put a sign in that yard that simply says, “HYPOCRITE!”
    Or, “It’s good to be King.” Maybe this big ole’ house will soon welcome some move in illegal aliens. After all, if they are welcome,,,prove it!

  3. It’s EASY being EASY when you have it EASY! No lunch to pack, no hotel to pay for, no airline to pay for, no dinner to buy, no job to answer.. HOW do I work this gig?? Only WALLY knows!! Wanna buy a painting?

  4. Isn’t most of this stuff complaint base? Meaning someone has to complain for an ordinance violation to be issued. I mean, the cops aren’t rolling through neighborhoods looking at garbage cans/carts, are they? I hope not…

    1. Rich, you are correct. Bloomington now has an app for reporting tall weeds, pot holes, etc. Go online and download it to send a message directly to the City. No need to call and play phone tag.

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