Bloomington supports friends-with your money

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Monday’s bills and Payroll:

Some of the more interesting spending:


Every non-profit in Bloomington needs to get their share of the free taxpayer money Bloomington hands out to their friends – this time the McLean County History Museum.  It helps if you can claim you create Economic Activity:


Coliseum continues death by a thousand cuts:


Legal Expense:


I wonder who the City is investigating?


Pantagraph gets paid:


VenuWorks is evidently managing the BCPA and the Coliseum!  Did the Council ever vote on this?


More Metrics? Planning to plan the plan?


What Economic Development did Bloomington get for $6500?  More Legal?


8 thoughts on “Bloomington supports friends-with your money

  1. I WISH I could do ALL these brain dead studies and get paid the almighty dollar for them. ATTENTION Tari AND council-ALL the damn studies in the world will NOT bring economic development to downtown NOR will it bring NEW business to town! ONLY a tax “friendly” environment and HEALTY economic climate along with some GOOD PLANNING will bring new business to downtown and the city! STEP ONE, ditch Hales! Come one you idiots! Topeka turned him DOWN for WAY less then WE pay him, now WHAT does THAT tell you?? You are brain dead. IF you have any left after listening to “Tari babble”” Say SOMETHING smart JOHNEE!


  2. BCPA, Arena, History Museum, DBA….add all of the support for those and downtown is still not revitalized. Oh, and I forgot the Art Center and $2.2M for vacant land (North Main St. and the Frontier properties.) Is providing entertainment and subsidizing art galleries appropriate use of government funds?


    1. The number of things called “art galleries” in this town is staggering – 23 last count I would hazard to guess maybe 5 are ‘self sustaining”, Max. One is a pottery studio with classes and the like – it seems to be pretty successful. But, most of these little walk-ups and the like, I would LOVE to know how much they sell in order to “pay the rent” so to speak. Oh, they don’t HAVE to, they can just sort of store their stuff there free with their grants and “endowments, nevermind…


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