Remember the Connect cameras?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember Connect Transit spending $10,853.31 on security cameras?

What are the cameras watching?

The riders or you?

See this Pantagraph article:

Remember the guy who stabbed a woman to death in a hotel room?

How did a City bus get video of the guy riding away from the scene?  Are the cameras surveilling the city ?

From the END of the article:

Thanks to a reader for this catch!

(The Pantagraph didn’t notice)




4 thoughts on “Remember the Connect cameras?

  1. 1984 and George Orwell is alive and WELL in BLM/ UPTOWN!
    what next? OH. lemme guess Tari will hire a psychic to tell us that a downtown hotel will be FILLED to capacity EVERY day. But not at night! WHY you ask? Because the sidewalks will be rolled up at 7 p.m.


  2. Ct fired the union pres
    And then gave him mic Ferrell 55 thousand dollars to not fight for his job back.
    How about spending all that money remodeling the front office in that new building.


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