UPDATE: TODAY at 3:30!

The Watchdogs and I did a video yesterday recapping the Renner case facts:

Listen to the Watchdogs on 92.9 here:



The Edgar County Watchdogs –

John Kraft and Kirk Allen

– will be on 92.9 FM with Ben Yount

The topic will most likely be Bloomington’s missing mayor.

If you miss it, a podcast will probably get posted here:  http://www.cities929.com/


(might be video later!)





5 thoughts on “UPDATE: TODAY at 3:30!

  1. I heard their comments as well…Outside of this forum to bad the only other place we can get this news that is invertigated is from Edgar County. Being a retired broadcaster from out of state (some work in investigative news production as well), I miss true reporting where one goes after the facts, Can not expect that with the lapdog newspaper Pantagraph, nor local TV 31, 25 & 19; radio here reminds me of the days of TASS in some cases only reporting what they think the city leaders want heard. A real joke, what is worse is the number of fools who buy it.


  2. But, what’s happening in Edgar County? And why is there no McLean County watchdogs? I’m new in the area…this is confusing. Everything’s fixed in Edgar County?


  3. Awesome reporting!! Great interview between the three of you too. Don’t forget
    his inappropriate public response and public verbal assault on Bruce Meeks. He was
    previously censured for his attack on you. This latest attack must be addressed as well.
    It just another example of why he is not fit to serve any longer. He has already lost the public trust with his continuous lies and hubris.


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