NOW the City is worried about trees

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last Monday the Council was worried about old trees growing on City property that residents want gone.

I wish they had cared before they planted trees on East College.

They looked adorably cute when they were first planted – right below power lines.  Not so cute anymore after getting chopped to keep them from bringing down the same lines:

Wait a few years until these former beauties get even taller.

Do topless trees violate City Code?

Understand limited government yet?  If government can’t see power lines and anticipate future problems, how well do you think they handle everything else?



13 thoughts on “NOW the City is worried about trees

  1. City forester stated that this situation occurs very rarely; city manager said that they anticipated an upcoming request. Could potentially be a case of changing the code to accommodate the requester. Will be interesting to see who the first benefactor is..


      1. It’s the House on Washington St, used be owned by Owens nursery family. Brand new drive pointed right at a tree in the parkway.


      1. Paved shoulders have been added to S. Veterans. There needs to be clarity because it is a limited access roadway where bikes have been prohibited on the past.


  2. Long sigh………..just sooo ignorant, of course these ARE the people who get killed by mama bears because they want to cuddle the cute little cubs. ANYONE (with sense) would know that trees grow, and some grow quite tall, and one does NOT plant them under power lines. This is another example of “them” having NO vision in the reality sense, and somehow, they don’t know how to research anything either before they just DO something – OH wait, I’m sure they paid some “consultants” to do a study before they planted trees under power lines.


  3. With all the talk about climate change you’d think they would be fighting to save trees. I thought both local mayors were all for that.
    At one time I thought Bloomington was USA tree city designated. I guess now it’s the tax toilet of the Midwest designated.
    I wonder what the reclamation district has wasted on $$$ for that tree farm south on Morris Ave. has been. I was trying to think when they bought that farm ground and planted all of those trees supposedly that were supposed to be transplanted in the city. Maybe around early 1990’s. They moved very few trees and now they are likely way to large to move. In fact I don’t think they even take any from there anymore.
    There’s another taxpayer boondoggle waste. Just more money being flushed away so to speak.


    1. Those walnut trees were never meant to be transplanted, they were meant to be harvested for wood 80 years after planting. Whether that was a better choice than farming the land remains to be seen.


      1. I didn’t think all of them were walnut trees because they did move some of them. In 80 years that would be hard to predict what they would be worth. We have a grove of them also but I’ll never see them harvested. They are very slow growing. I heard someone sold one to a company from Germany back in the 90’s. I don’t know how big it was. They got just under $30K for it. The company even dug up the root ball and took it back to Germany.


  4. In the early Eighties, a farm South of Funks Grove. sold most of its Walnut trees to a German company. The trees were cut and hauled to Lake Michigan and shipped by way of the St. Lawrence Sea Way to Germany.


  5. Little known FACT-A friend of mine (now deceased) used to work for a utility which removed DEAD trees. He carried a box of COPPER nails (supplied by the company) to put into trees, which would kill them. Then a year later-OR LESS they could cut them down. They did this to a number of trees on East Grove St. years back.


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