Visual: Eating at your expense

By:  Diane Benjamin

From last Monday night at City Hall:

The Bloomington City Council wouldn’t need to meet at 5:00 pm if they weren’t trying to control every aspect of your life.  Meetings would be a lot shorter!

You wouldn’t need to feed them either.  Monday was pizza, I wonder where the leftovers went?  Does the City realize this is additional compensation?  Is it added to W-2’s?






6 thoughts on “Visual: Eating at your expense

  1. Looks like two WHOLE pizzas leftover there! Looks like they order food like they “run” the city!
    Higher, Wider, Deeper-in debt! THIS should be in the Pantagraph instead of portabellas!


  2. That’s the BEST news I’ve heard in MAYBERRY in a long time!
    Anyone notice in the Japan photo that he’s wearing “higher heeled” shows AND standing on his toes!!! Is he TRYING to fool the Japanese and make them THINK he’s tall?
    I hope the ISP take him down!


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