Do laws matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m not celebrating the State Police investigating Tari Renner’s use of a City PCard for a personal purchase.  Being investigated is not the same as being prosecuted.  We will find out if laws still matter, sometimes it’s hard to tell.  Illinois Constitution:

Government officials and employees aren’t allowed to read the law the way they want it to be.  It clearly states Public Money and Private Money MUST be kept separate.  The coming days will be interesting!  How many former mayors will defend Renner with something like “it’s always been done that way!”?  “Always done that way” doesn’t make it legal.

The people of Dixon, Il thought they could trust their government too.  The lady didn’t start out stealing lots of money, she worked her way up to it when nobody noticed the small stuff.  The entire Japan trip needs investigated if for no other reason than the City is not responding to FOIA requests.

The Council needs to realizes this is all their fault.  Some of them were on the Council when Tari announced a new art gallery in his office, including some by campaign donors.  The Council did nothing.  Tari is a repeat offender at violating the Open Meetings Act.  Tari has a long history of demeaning speech against anybody who doesn’t agree with him.  Remember his WRITTEN attack on Judy Stearns at a Council meeting?  It took WAY TOO long for someone on the Council to stop him.  In 2015 Tari got a censure that wasn’t called a censure-it was mostly meaningless.  He has been embolden by every failure to hold him accountable.  The Council has been acting like bobble-heads instead of the only people defending the taxpayers.

Frankly, I’d be happier if the State Police would wrap up the Coliseum investigation. Just this week I received a response to a FOIA request for documents in the case.  These are the reason given for denying my request:


5ILCS 140/7(1)(d)(i) ? The information requested would interfere with pending or actually and reasonably contemplated law enforcement proceeding conducted by law enforcement or correctional agency.
5 ILCS 140/7(1)(d)(iii) ? The information requested could create a substantial likelihood that a person will be deprived of a fair trial or an impartial hearing if the information were made public, as this case has not yet been adjudicated.
5 ILCS 14017(1)(d)(vii) ? The information requested would obstruct a current and ongoing criminal investigation.  The case or cases pertaining to your request is currently under review and Illinois State Police is expecting to be required to gather additional information regarding the case up to and until a verdict has been reached.  Therefore, the case or cases pertaining to your request is considered an ongoing investigation.
Making the information public could deprive an individual of a fair trial.  It could potentially impede the witness participation and taint the jury pool.  If the suspects involved in the case were to receive this file, they would be able to corroborate their stories based on the evidence.

Draw your own conclusions!


A reader sent the audio below of ISU Finance Professor Dr. Alan Cring.  Fast forward to 17:00.  Besides being VERY entertaining, Dr Cring tells the story of Judy Markowitz and Tom Hamilton coming to the college he worked for (not ISU) to sell building the Coliseum.  He notes a huge flaw in their presentation and what happened when he mentioned it to them.

It only takes 3 very entertaining minutes to see that City Council didn’t protect taxpayers either.  
I bet his classes are very popular!



8 thoughts on “Do laws matter?

    1. mudd, Renner went as an official representative (Mayor) of Bloomington to the Sister City. While I agree he mishandled the booking of the airfare (although he blames his assistant), Renner’s trip was approved by someone (Hales?). Apparently, the Sister City paid for the accommodations for both mayors. The delegates where housed in homes of the residents. The tour was separate, I believe.


  1. Classic audio! As for the Markorena. I was talking with a man who works with Jay Goldberg and the Peoria Civic Center about “Old Time” concerts, Braden, Horton, etc and we got to the Markorena and he stated it’s the laughing stock of the area as it’s so PORLY managed. NO TWO night or more shows, MO major bands, etc. And that was just a FEW of the points..
    Back to the story @ hand-IF Tari wants to take his Beau to Japan, make HIM pay for the date like the rest of us! Prom ain’t free Tari! And neither is lunch, light meals, hotels, memberships, etc….


  2. The wheels of justice often are hard to jump start; however, the momentum of public opinion is often unstoppable. Keep your faith, remain calm and continue to pour gasoline on this most pompous mayor’s actions. The light of day is his worst nightmare.

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      1. Hooray! Off to the gallows! Off with thy head ye ole’ pompous mayor! Ruh-rrrrrrr! And with that, I take another bottle of rum!


  3. It’s appalling that the local District attorney, Jason Chambers, is publicly chastising Republican leader Erickson SAID on a FB post supporting the enforcement of the law. But, Chambers will not say or do anything about what Renner DID–not only in regards to Japan but Renner’s inappropriate attacks on private citizens. Chambers should be ousted too.


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