Abusing Citizens gets the Council’s OKAY

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since the Council has been deadly silent over holding Tari Renner accountable for his latest antics, we can only assume they think Renner’s behavior and ethics is very much becoming of local public servants.

Will they start calling people “nasty” and “liars” next?

I guess that’s what we can expect.

It’s been two weeks today since Renner berated citizens who dare to question him.  See the video in this story:  https://blnnews.com/2017/08/15/more-lies-tari/

If the Council fails to hold Tari accountable, Bloomington will be known as the city to avoid.

How long before some Council member disagrees and Tari attacks them?  He has a long history of doing it!

See the video below of one of the citizens Tari called a liar.  She is READING from the PCard policy of the City of Bloomington.  Yep, lies.


Don’t forget the email Tari sent to Bruce Meeks:

And the comment he made on this site:
Still waiting on that lawsuit Tari.


The Council silence means they condone the mayor’s actions.

Elections matter, congrats Bloomington.  You choose some real winners to represent you.  Ethics aren’t necessary at City hall.



7 thoughts on “Abusing Citizens gets the Council’s OKAY

  1. The berated citizens are “not public figures…who you can just lie about all day long”…on multiple public media sites…”the threshold for slander”…of a private citizen…”is much lower” than for an elected official. “The latest needs a retraction and an apology or you will get sued.” Private citizens can also sue public officials for slander. The citizens deserve an apology.
    Mr. Mayor, practice what you preach. Margot was not attacked. The PCard policy is clear. It is the holder of the PCard who failed to follow City Policy. Reimbursement requires prior approval and must be done within 3 days. That didn’t happen. The airfare for the Mayor and his partner was purchased through the Administration Account on a different airline than the delegates–these are facts–not lies. Show some proof Margot was an official delegate.


      1. I agree with the legal definition. What was done is illegal. However, see:
        PCard Policy: Procedures: III Usage bullet #2 “Do not assume the City can be reimbursed.


  2. The council has NO IDEAL of WHAT the law is, or is EXPECTED of them. Tari will run them over like the minions they are. Despicable them.


  3. Tarry, is losing it, people are speaking up more, real people. Tarry,, and they (council, etc.) can’t take that – they are used to just doing as they please while the peasants labor to fund their follies. More plain and truthful talk from more people will either turn them into vicious cornered rats, or drive them away – let’s hope for the latter result.


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