RENNER: Leave of Absence

IWU website says Renner is on sabbatical


This Press release was just issued:

From: Nora Dukowitz <>
Date: Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 3:51 PM
Subject: Press Statement from Mayor Renner


Please see below for a press statement issued by Mayor Tari Renner:
“I have informed the City Manager and the Mayor Pro-tem of my plans to take a temporary leave of absence for medical related reasons. I have made this decision under consultation with my physician and my family. I am thankful that we have a strong and capable city council and city administration to manage the day-to-day activities in my absence. My family and I appreciate privacy during this time as I continue to focus on my health.”
Thank you,
Nora Dukowitz
Communication Manager
City of Bloomington




  1. When the going gets tough the tough get going? Or maybe run away and hide?


  2. More lies.


  3. Cavewoman says:

    Or maybe they go to rehab?


  4. Sonya Stallman says:

    I guess he is being hassled too much, so this is his way of avoiding it for a while?? interesting.. keep up the good work..


  5. As another Maggie once said:



  6. Well, I sure don’t wish the man poor health. But as quiet as he’s been the past 2 weeks, after screaming all over the internet, one could tell something was up. He may be getting help for his attitude.


  7. I truly hope it’s nothing serious medically eith him or a loved one. I agree – he has been quiet.


  8. OMG. Nora had to do something today! Looks like she earned her money today. Hope she doesn’t stress out from the questions that I am sure the press is going to ask her about the mayor. Just kidding about the questions from the press.


  9. Jim Defenbaugh says:

    Hopefully a permanent leave!


  10. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    Rather strange that he takes a leave of absence when the state police should be investigating his misuse of taxpayer funds.


  11. It would be interesting to see if Renner is taking a similar medical leave from IWU. I could see them requiring additional documentation from Renner than the city.

    If he is not, it would be interesting to understand why that is. The only difference seems to be he is taking a leave from the position he is under state police investigation for.


    • Pantagraph says he is still working at IWU


    • One more point: it is interesting that someone with pressing medical issues that require him to temporarily(???) and fully give up his mayoral position would travel overseas and put that sort of strain on his body prior to making this decision. I would hope Renner would heed and medical advice provided not to go on the lengthy and unnecessary trip.

      I hope whatever medical issue, if Amy, is taken care of. If he needs to step down, no matter what reason, that decision should be made quickly so that the taxpayers do not suffer from lack of leadership.


  12. Call me jaded, but, anyone who believes this malarkey of Tarry being “sick” must have voted for him. Tarry is slipping into his little Tarry rat hole, peeping out only at Wesleyan where the poor little starry eyed students ( that in itself is pathetic) think he’s a really cool guy. – I think this could be the prelim to the resignation, of course that will depend on how the investigation goes and/or if more “heat” starts coming his way. The man is a rude and egotistical reprobate and a snake I have known it since the first time I saw and heard him him many years ago (1998). Pity more people have not seen that, or, maybe they LIKE people like Tarry. I know pretty much everyone “here” has.


  13. Tari's Got The Sniffles, We No Longer Listen To His Drivel says:

    It’s all a smokescreen. He can not face the music. He’s a coward and he knows he’s as guilty as sin. How can he be too ill to do his part time mayoral job, but yet perfectly fine to do his full time gig at IWU? He is either a coward or he’s trying to prove he needs that Assistant to help him. Send him a Get Well card, and tell him to resign.


  14. Me thinks the Council or Jergens had something to do with him taking a leave. They have been concerned with his irratic behavior…unbecoming of an elected official. He has put them in a no-win situation. But, their silence concerns me. If he is healthy enough to work at IWU, he’s healthy to continue in with his duty as an elected official. He has been humiliated which does not set well with his personality.


  15. old stanky says:

    Good riddance!


  16. I was going to comment on Abusing Citizens gets the Council’s OKAY, but didn’t. Now I have to. If you look at his closing comments in the video his upper lip is stiff like he’s snarling,and he never makes eye contact. But when he speaks of Japan he smiles and does. The man has guilt written all over his face.


  17. I wonder if he’ll pay back the paychecks he gets for not being on duty? At least he won’t be charging all his lunches to the city.


  18. He thinks he is going to prove how important he is by disappearing for awhile. Revenge for getting blown off on his play for an assistant. What is he going to do when he is not missed? I as well do not buy his illness ploy….I also hope nobody will elect to lighten up on his miss adventures because they believe he is sick and feel sorry for him.


  19. Micah Hardy says:

    We have a strong cut government that can run the city with out this puts but last week he needed a full time lackey to get his job done. Wtf


  20. IWU using sabbaticals for cover,,,what crap. Step up folks and just admit that your boy has lost it. Everybody knows as the cover is obvious. You’re hurting the IWU reputation and that of Bloomington as well. IWU owes an apology to their students, faculty, administration, employees, and the community of Bloomington-Normal for their misdirection.


  21. Renner is also feeling the heat from Chambers about the use of closed sessions to subvert the OMA. The City still hasn’t released the tape and Chambers is headed to court.
    The pressure is rising…


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