Preston investigated, but not Renner?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Proving once again the law is a weapon in the hands of those in power who choose to use it:

Jason Chambers referred the Town of Normal’s case against Scott Preston for expense reports he turned in, and Normal paid – to  the Appellate Prosecutors Office.

Normal failed to enforce policies of turning in receipts, but that wasn’t a problem until the Town wanted it to be a problem.  That investigation spanned FOUR years:

In that case the Town of Normal failed in their responsibility to protect taxpayer money and Scott Preston failed taxpayers too with careless use of funds.  The point is there was an investigation, only because the Town of Normal demanded it.

The evidence against Tari Renner is very clear.  It is illegal to charge personal items to a government credit card.  Any stories he is creating now to justify the charges are immaterial.

Jason Chambers isn’t referring the case to anybody.  He is telling people to file a police report.

Here’s the lesson:

– Government picks and chooses who to prosecute

– Equal justice under the law doesn’t exist




7 thoughts on “Preston investigated, but not Renner?

  1. Of course Jason Chambers isn’t doing anything because the fix is in. Ex Post Facto excuses by the Mayor are acceptable to the States Attorney. He’s part of the club.


  2. The charge for the plane ticket is not the first time an expense was charge for Renner on the PCard that had to be reimbursed. Seems Renner is a slow learner with both vile emails and misuse of the City credit card.


  3. But will it be the Mayor who goes down or some staff member that was told to do it!? And if Marge was an Ambassador, wouldn’t she have filled out an appt and been recognized at a meeting like everyone else is who is appointed to commitites? This hole is getting deep, better keep digging.


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