Normal: Solar fail

By: Diane Benjamin

This is in the documentation for tonight:

2009 was 13 years ago, what happened between “several” and the past 2-3 years?

How much was SolarBee in 2009?

$14,044.00 was paid with a grant.

Solar needs SUN, who knew?

Staff wants to waive formal bidding yet again and buy from PAX. Total cost is up to $137,010 depending on the scope of work.

Tonight’s documentation starts on PDF 43 and following:

One more: SolarBee was suppose to last 25 years:

2009 – PDF page 25:





3 thoughts on “Normal: Solar fail

  1. I’ve written and contacted Tammy (Durbin, Brady amd others). many times and usually get an email scripted response that does no even address the question or concern I wrote about. Also obviously scripted agenda driven answers probably by hire staff or interns. Frustrating but this is how just politicians in Illinois work (both sides of aisle

    Exhausting like talking to brick walls

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  2. 1.) It’s disappointing to hear Karyn Smith talk about how buying these vehicles prevent mileage reimbursement for multiple parties. I live next to a Town of Normal employee who goes to multiple trainings per year. Guess what happens if they take a personal vehicle? They carpool with others to attend. Additionally, you can purchase multiple cheaper vehicles for the same price as an $80k truck or $100k SUV. Let’s not pretend that by not taking a pool vehicle that people don’t carpool.

    2.) Kevin McCarthy, the Council member who was disappointed during the parade when there were crickets as he was walking by and made comments about the lack of cheers, pulled this item to talk it up. I think everyone hopes Rivian succeeds. But guess what? The Town doesn’t stock only Nestle or Beer Nuts products. It doesn’t say to just contact State Farm or Country agents. It doesn’t use local stores when it buys in bulk from Amazon. So why is this a focus? Is it because McCarthy, Koos, and Reece want to get this vehicle to ride around in?

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  3. Here is a 3rd. It is incredibly hypocritical for Chemberly Harris to rail on housing prices above her means and act like that is an attack on her from a racial perspective but then support the town buying luxury vehicles. You can guarantee the Council members voting for this will be checking out these vehicles to drive for “official” events. While Ms. Harris would cry poor, she is far from it. Perhaps she is suffering from continued poor financial decisions she, herself, has made.

    The Town acts like it is just collecting money from Rivian. News flash: their benefits so far outweigh what they have contributed back to the Town of Normal. Perhaps ask Rivian if they would sell the vehicles at cost or a discount.

    Also: we have Tesla and other EV companies providing jobs in town. It is interesting that Ms. Harris would then not be advocating to sell any Mitsubishi vehicle because they moved out of town.

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