New Billboard #2

Look for it on South Veterans Parkway:

#3 of 3 tomorrow






13 thoughts on “New Billboard #2

  1. WONDERFUL! Public unions should not exist because those they negotiate with have no skin in the game. In return for generous concessions they vote for their benefactors. Unions win. Politicians win. TAXPAYERS LOSE!

  2. So, these billboards are not cheap. I very much appreciate the fact that finally some opposition signage is getting out there. So where can people donate to help this cause? If you posted it earlier I missed it sorry. But folks who follow this, please know this stuff takes money and lots of it. For those of you sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do something here is your chance even if it is just $5.00 every little bit helps! Do something good for yourself , your family , and your community and support this work financially. If we do not fight and stand strong we cannot win. It takes all of us pitching in where we can.

  3. 11,000 dollars per year more income in non right to work states

    You all keep voting for workers right to get paid less


    1. “Workers’ Right To Get Paid Less” is an accurate title for this amendment. Using that 11K number and the ratio of public to private sector jobs, one can estimate that Amendment 1 will cut each private worker’s spendable take-home pay by about $1300 initially, and that “Right To Get Paid Less” will only increase from there.

        1. I love how you folks mock FACTS

          Try the federal bureau of labor statistics

          11k more per year


          Keep on voting red

            1. I love the insults and off topic posts

              I do find it interesting no one has refuted the facts

              Keep on voting red

  4. Obviously Tom has never had a class in either Maco or micro economics! Ignorance is bliss!

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