It’s official: Adam Kinzinger isn’t a Republican

By: Diane Benjamin

Senator Mike Lee is an icon in the Senate for his knowledge of the Constitution. He has written many books on both legal issues and the founding of this country. Mike Lee is the epitome of what Republicans want their elected public servants to be. His fidelity to the Constitution makes him very qualified to be a Supreme Court judge. Mike Lee is a champion of conservative values.

See a list of Mike Lee books here:

Mike Lee is running for re-election in Utah. It should be an easy win for him but he has a scum bag democrat running against him as an independent. Democrats think they can knock off Lee by running a candidate who won’t admit he’s a democrat. His name is Evan McMullin, a former CIA operations officier.

Adam Kinzinger is in Utah campaigning against Mike Lee:


This proves Adam Kinzinger is NOT a Republican.

He should be censured and tossed from the party forever.

Is the McLean County Republican Party embarrassed little Adam started in politics here?





44 thoughts on “It’s official: Adam Kinzinger isn’t a Republican

  1. Adam changed. Drastically. Literally his whole world view and political compass changed after he got married. Someone or some org literally got to him – his own family doesn’t even recognize him anymore.

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  2. Adam is and always has been an icon in his own mind and considers himself an influencer. Probabaly tainted politically and personally but noone every goes there or questions any of that. Another rich politician that got rich by doing nothing for his real party or constituants and will continue to do so as an ex-Congressman. There is more to this story for sure. Pathetic really for our state and country. A self proclaimed power broker (along with his Lincoln Project and PAC buddies)- not impressed.

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    1. You’ve gotta be joking right?

      “ Another rich politician that got rich by doing nothing for his real party or constituants and will continue to do so as an ex-Congressman”

      Replace “congressman” with “president” and you’ve perfectly described the person whose boots you all continually lick: Donald Trump.

      To sit there and criticize Kinzinger in that sense while worshipping the man who tried to overthrow the government, who doesn’t believe in the election or democracy, is nothing but hypocrisy. But then again, wouldn’t expect anything else from a Trump Republican.


      1. Hillary Clinton is an election denier. So is Stacy Abrams. Democrats have challenged all the Republican presidential wins since 2000. ALL of them! This is not new, nor is it exclusive to Republicans. Then again, I wouldn’t expect a reactionary liberal to EVER bother with the facts. Your comment is pointless, and dumb. If you’re going to criticize, be better first.

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  3. Kinzinger used to be a good guy. He changed when he became involved with NoName McCain and Trump hating Rino, Paul Ryan.
    Isn’t it considered “humiliating” to start campaigning for the very people you previously reviled and abhorred?

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  4. It all started with Tim Johnson. Even local Republicans knew he was a scumbag. Adam also wanted to be in the Trump Cabinet very badly. When he got rejected is when the Trump rage began. Very few can avoid not being compromised once in D.C. Once out of Congress he will be a permanent talking head on MSNBC or CNN and be presented as representing the Republican voice on his network of choice.


  5. Adam Kinzinger has more integrity, patriotism in his little finger than anyone on this blog. The blogger supported
    the violent attempt to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power. On January 6th we came very close to losing our
    democracy that day.

    The January 6th Select Committee was able to prove that failed coup was planned at the very top people including
    some Republicans in both the Senate and House who want to stay in power including Trump. The Select Committee has
    Representatives who were former state prosecutors not just Kinzinger or Cheney. The have evidence, both video, and
    thousands of documents of how the insurrection was planned.
    Kinzinger doesn’t need this blogger’s approval. He has a very bright future. When the history of this time is taken,
    those who supported the coup will be on the wrong side of history.

    Also what has been disgusting is the death threats Congresssman Kinzinger has received even threat to his wife and
    young child. Is that the Republicanism you talking about? I guess so…..


      1. TDS is a terrible affliction. It destroys reasoning ability, it destroys reading and listening comprehension. They also are somehow rendered incapable of reading or listing to or watching anything that is not dished out by the “approved” sources. Don’t even get me started on the actual attacks many on the “Right” have had to deal with along with the daily death threats.

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      2. Real media? Like you blog? Don’t make me laugh. Trump is up to his eyeballs in
        criminal investigations, including the fact that he as a private citizen was
        illegally hiding top secret documents about Iran and China’s nuclear
        programs. That’s the crime of the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice. Or
        the fact that he signed a document about voter fraud that he knew to be false thereby committing perjury. There is no such thing as TDS. Just people who
        can’t accept reality and rather go down a rabbit hole of insane conspiracies.

        Also yes, January 6th was a FAILED coup. Donald Trump wanted to stop the
        peaceful transfer of power. It was NOT patriotic march that got out of hand,
        but a coordinated attempt by White supremacist., Oath Keepers, Proud Boys
        and various other groups who were heavily armed to take down the Capital
        building. Trump was in the middle of the attempt to overthrow the

        Also why should take you word on anything, Diane? You can’t even properly
        explain any technology, you have zero understanding of science. But
        somehow’ you’re an expert on everything. You’re not. When you don’t like
        their comments you delete and dismiss them with your snarky non-comment


    1. While Kinzinger cries about getting death threats, some psycho actually went and shot Steve Scalise. But hey, you go on and continue to prattle on about your little death threats. And as I said earlier, I don’t expect a reactionary democrat to ever care about facts or the truth. Not to mention how bold of a statement it is to say that Kinzinger is more patriotic than anyone here. Oh, please, spare me. Can I have the next winning lottery numbers then, since you seem to be psychic or telepathic, or both? Only in clown world can people act like they know something that everyone knows they don’t. You must be the king of clown world, then.

      Also, if what happened on January 6 was a coup, I’m gonna be the next Emperor of the Universe. You should address me as such from now on, pleb.

      To echo Ronin’s comment, TDS is real folks. We must pray for all those afflicted with it.

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      1. Let’s see if Diane censors this comment. Ironic how you constitution touting republicans love to talk about rights being taken away when Diane literally controls the narrative here.

        JT, Jr., I really would love to see some of the proof about election denying from Hillary or Stacey. Did they call for the finding of votes? Did they call the voting machines and their tech corrupt? Seriously, give me a break. Open to any and all cites you’ve got for that claim.

        Also, shall we talk about how much violence and literal death has happened in the name of bootlicking for your faithful ruler?

        It was a coup. By definition. He tried to overthrow the government, denied the election, and has had his minions commit literal federal crimes in his name to carry out his plot. “Clown show”? By a party that has Marjorie, Matt Gaetz, and Steve Bannon? Cmon. You’re such a dork.


      2. Can you even read? There are zero comments on this “blog” where you answer a single question you’re asked wholly. For being allegedly college educated, you don’t seem to be able to have a conversation very well.


      3. @JBrady Bro…seriously? Gore contested the 2000 election. That makes him an election denier. Hillary claimed, ON VIDEO, that Trump stole the election. That makes her an election denier. Stacy Abrams has REPEATEDLY SAID ON VIDEO that the governorship of Georgia was stolen from her. She has never conceded that race either. That makes her an election denier. And I don’t have to prove any of that to you about Stacy Abrams. It’s all over the internet, look it up. As far as Hillary goes, let me google that for you since you are incapable of any rational thought.

        The name of the video even says her quote, “He knows he’s an illegitimate president.”

        Good lord you are dense.

        You’re welcome for your education. Do better next time. This is pathetic.

        P.S. – You keep calling me a republican when I am no such thing. So that means your dumb name dropping means jack to me. Marjorie Taylor Greene is just as willing to do away with free speech when it suits her. Steve Bannon is a hanger on who Trump can’t even stand (look it up if you don’t believe me). And I don’t care about Matt Gaetz.

        BE BETTER THAN THIS. All this assumption and you just look like a jackass.


    2. No coup. More of a choreographed Show to deface innocent people choreographed by the same politicians and fed depts that cheered on and did zero during and after the BLM show and Destruction The Pelosi choreographed stunts should frighten every free American in our country.

      Facts matter. Stop watching and listening to mainstream politicians as news talking heads. It only diminished every bit of credibility of the insurrection outcry and harassment talk.

      Cheers dear one.

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      1. Also the only actual DEATH that resulted completely from the J6 thing was Ashli Babbit, shot by a DC cop, and uh where oh where is Ray Epps the fed guy? The one the J6 committee has no interest in and the ONLY person calling for any riotous behaviors. People were on to him though as is evidenced by the video showing people yelling “FED FED FED!” when he was trying to whip up the crowd. The leftist clowns have ZERO actual facts about the little thing on J6. They still think someone was killed with a fire extinguisher for God’s sake.

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  6. Adam hasn’t changed, the GOP has. Since the GOP hitched their wagon to a demagogue, they have changed….it’s turned into a cult. A cult that worships (and they ABSOLUTELY worship) a two-bit conman who is only in this for himself. A cult that advocated, and still does, against the peaceful transfer of power. Everyone of them should be held accountable and punished for it. I fear for the future of this country…under both parties. I would be willing to bet my entire retirement that America, in its current form, will cease to exist in my lifetime. I’m in my late 40’s. #Americaisscrewed


      1. Cult: a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
        It’s. The. Very. Definition.


    1. You’re right he isn’t anymore, and hopefully never will be again. However, he’s brought about all of these nonsensical election denying, fools who have no business running a local Casey’s, let alone the federal government. You all should really watch Idicoracy, that’s what we’re turning in to.


      1. I never said they didn’t, but they also didn’t lead a violent insurection against our capitol under the auspices of a lie. A lie perpetuated by the cult leader.


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