Election lies: Chung and Koehler

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader sent this mailer to me, evidently Chung and Koehler want to win by conning voters:

Since reforming pensions isn’t the Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, democrats will not be cutting property taxes. They won’t be giving more money to schools so they can cut property taxes because close to 25% of the State budget goes to severely under-funded pensions.

Government doesn’t create jobs unless they hand companies your money! Taxes are forcing businesses to flee Illinois. Why are Texas and Florida growing while Illinois shrinks? Both aren’t run by democrats who think they control the economy instead of the private sector.

Democrats think your tax dollars should pay for more Medicaid patients.

Note: If Pritzker is re-elected he will force your children to take the COVID vaccine to attend school. Some children will be permanently hurt or worse. Kids are at little risk of COVID – the vaccine obviously doesn’t work. The CDC wants to experiment on your kids and Pritzker will comply!

Abortion: Chung and Koehler can’t use that word. They want your tax dollars to pay for more of them.

The last one is priceless:

Democrats doubled the gas tax. Chung and Koehler are going to repeal that bill? The grocery tax is only $.01. Pritzker suspended it until after the election. ONE CENT relief on every dollar of food is barely noticeable. Are grocery stores Price Gouging? Are they trying to say gas stations, most of them privately owned, are price gouging?

This mailer is beyond “silly season”. They are lying.






6 thoughts on “Election lies: Chung and Koehler

  1. Covid Vax injuries and bad effects have been publicized and known for many. If they can approve vax forcing in children/school children then pharma/Pfizer et. al. can’t be held liable. Trust me, Pritzker and Dems will push for vax in children. A way to track and to mandate it. The forcing masks again is just the prep work for mandated vax. It has never been about public safety or health.

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  2. Most voters naively believe what is written on political mailers. Democrats know that winning is the only thing that matters, how they do it is irrelevant. Republicans are loosing because they are still using the playbook from the 1980’s.

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  3. Not only are the “leftist progressive marxist democrats” being deliberately deceptive, they are also STEALING SIGNS of their opponents. I’m not surprised of course that they would resort to such tactics. But voters need to be aware that if the see fewer signs from the Republican candidates, it’s because we put them out and they were stolen.


  4. I am forever hopeful that someday soon more people will wake up to the “fighting for working families” line of Bull ALL of the leftists/globalists use it’s right up there with “worker’s rights” and “being a voice for the little guy” Democrats. unless you are truly on board with the real agenda these people have I suggest you stop voting for anything with a D by it’s name at least for now. Some Rs are also Ds though so there’s also that to remember and consider. I also suggest you realize that there IS an agenda, it’s not some “conspiracy theory” (look up the origin of THAT phrase too, and know what Project Mockingbird IS, not was, because it is still in full operation) it’s out there for you to read and study I suggest you start doing a little REAL research. but I warn you it will be pretty scary.
    Chung and Koehler are examples of well groomed little pawns for the globalists, yes, it goes all the way down to city councils, school boards, state offices etc etc etc even sheriffs.

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  5. High- paid Union Bosses shoving uber Woke part time violin teacher down the throats of their dues paying members : because out of respect … Lololololol 😂


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