New BCPA reports, you expected better?

By: Diane Benjamin

For a change I didn’t have to FOIA the reports.

New reports have been posted to the City website, these represent the beginning of a new season. They aren’t off to a good start if you believe entertainment shouldn’t be subsidized by people who can’t afford to attend:

Loss: $13,792.88

Performance Fee not available

Loss: $16,385.93

Performance Fee not available

Loss: $2,938.30

Total lost to date: $33,955.44

(Make sure to look at the attendance numbers)






8 thoughts on “New BCPA reports, you expected better?

    1. What person would book a performance that loses money? Do they even negotiate with the artist or the agent/agency? $18000 for an event that sold $8000 in tickets?? That’s $39 per ticket. Raise the price to at least double that, and pay the artist half of his/her fee and MAKE MONEY!! If not, forget it.

      Zero Mostel & Gene Wilder would love to be The Producers at BCPA!!

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  1. Actuallly loses is likely higher. Doesn’t include water cost for toilets being flushed, toilet paper, cleaning, building heating/cooling, etc. Dismal at best. A local high school probably turns more profit from concessions during football games and higher attendance.

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  2. They should take the same approach they have apparently taken at the coliseum, just don’t book anything and cut your losses.

    Is it still Grossinger or has that expired?


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