Kirk Allen’s Public Comment

By:  Diane Benjamin

You can watch Public Comment on the City website, but I filmed Kirk’s comments from a different perspective.  Kirk spoke to Council several years ago and his comments were mysteriously cut – just him – the video worked fine for all the other people.  That was one reason I filmed him.

Another reason was to catch the Council to see who was paying attention and who wasn’t.  They actually did a better job than normal last night.  Previously we’ve seen members playing on their phones, reading something, or just looking down.

I can’t comment yet on the substance of our investigation.  WJBC got it a little wrong.  The officer quit, he wasn’t fired.  The problem started there.

City Manager Tim Gleason was on WJBC this morning saying our comments were news to him.  Hear that interview here:

I’m not surprised Gleason didn’t know, we have reason to believe the problems are completely in the Police Department.  City Administration wasn’t involved.  Too many people know what happened, the Police Chief needs to come clean.   The 4th FOIA request was filed yesterday.

See Kirk here:





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