Monday meeting you should attend

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yes, this will be a love fest of local elitists.  It will be difficult to stay awake, but you need to hear what these people have planned for your life.  They wouldn’t have jobs if they didn’t plan for you, so they will be spending your money with or without your permission.

I wonder if building a sports complex comes up?  I’m betting there is a 100% chance of that, hopefully I’m wrong.

Meeting monday

9 thoughts on “Monday meeting you should attend

  1. I would need to be sedated to attend this function. OMG! All the lame know nothing do nothing give us your money organizations that are holding this area back from moving into the 21st Century and perpetuating the good old boy crony system will be there. BS celebrated and on display for the elites to fawn over and hope that they will continue to be part of the system that keeps their particular money train rolling. Yes, the three organizations above are part of the problem and will never be part of the solution here. Shame on them all…

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    1. You and I both know certain names are required for membership into the clique. One thing that will not be tolerated and not part of the by-laws is honest evaluation of certain truths that cannot be denied. Nothing upsets the clique more than ideas and solutions to problems that come from people with names that might lack local notireity. The usual happy tap dance will come from all three groups with glowing reports on the best use of taxpayer money. The usual tired personalities jump from board to board with no changes in results. If you or I volunteered for any three, we would be rejected on sight. The clique does not like new ideas, concepts or members. All hail the clique.

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      1. The people that could have helped fix things and turn BN around were ignored, maligned, attacked, and, generally, left the community altogether. The clique wouldn’t last an hour outside of BN.

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      2. You are correct. You are either part of the club or an outsider and suspect. And yes, I have in the past tried with another individual (who started a very successful business) to introduce reality to certain members of one of these organizations. We apparently didn’t have to names or the local credentials to enable us to be listened to or taken seriously. They have a world view that is narrow and a narrative that they constantly protect and move forward. They really don’t want anyone to question or challenge what they are doing or why they are doing it. It is business as usual. Play our game or you are not welcome. They are using outdated 20th Century plays in a 21st Century game and refuse to even recognize that they are losing horribly. They are riding a wave that was created in the 20th Century and they refuse to believe that the strength of that wave is fading; Soon to become a ripple that will not support them or the economy of this area. Most of them will be fine as the decline of this area begins in earnest (they are wealthy elites). It is the low wage workers supporting the economy of the high wage workers here who will be hurt the most. I fear the most for them and their families. The leadership of these organizations and the leadership of the city governments will bear much of the responsibility for the pain and dislocation that is coming to our area. They have sought to ignore reality and the warning signs that are here for all to see. They have chosen to stay on antiquated and misguided paths based on either 20th Century ideas or political/cultural ideologies. The bell is tolling for our area while they talk of luring companies and workers with amenities and electric buses.

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  2. I notice on the agenda for this meeting that the public comment rules that will be applied for this meeting follow Bloomington policies and not those of the town of Normal or McLean County. Translation: Normal and McLean County have rules that violate the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

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  3. Seems like a meeting of the mutual admiration society. I’m sure they’ll be congratulating each other for creating an amazing quality of life. Meanwhile, businesses are relocating, the population of upper and middle-income workers has dropped tremendously, travelers to/from via the airport are way down, hotels are near record vacancy rates (some are on financial life support), and there are real estate for sale signs all over BN with people literally taking a loss on their biggest asset in order to get out of Dodge. I’m sure they’ll smooth over that in their pitch about how amazing this community is. They’ll tout Rivian, Connect Transit, the potential purchase of the old State Farm HQ, and the “vibrant” arts community. I’m sure the usual suspects in the clique will get their props. The only people that buy any of this are the Mayor, City Council, those presenting, and those that work for or benefit from the presenters’ organizations. The vast majority of the citizenry actually see what’s going on in front of their eyes.

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    1. The only thing saving CIRA at this point and time are the low budget economy flights. The numbers are actually a bit better than last year. If not for users outside of McLean County, the facility would be in trouble.

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  4. I believe and it applies due to the high school level of intelligence these people possess a meeting like this is called a “circle jerk” There, I said it….not proud of it, but the truth is often ugly.


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