Update: Emails to see before tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

I don’t see video on either Normal or Bloomington’s website this morning.  A sports complex wasn’t mentioned, the meeting was more of a “what we do” presentation by the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Council, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The most noteworthy thing I heard was the EDC calling for a County wide plan of incentives to lure businesses here.  It would contain giving away “new” money when benchmarks are met, like number of new employees, investment, etc.  Normal will never go for that one, it would eliminate the property giveaways.

The room was not set up for the public to attend.  They had to bring in at least 50 chairs.  Marc Tiritilli was the only Public Comment speaker.  He got to talk about Connect Transit’s mission and the unfilled seat for Normal in front of  a huge group of elected officials.  I hope somebody has video, there were a lot of cameras in the room.

DON’T miss this meeting:

dont miss

Since the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is on the agenda, the Sport’s Complex will come up.

Emails received by FOIA:


The complex is a DONE deal if YOU don’t stop it!

Remember when the consultant said it will never break even?  I predict some history re-writing tonight.



15 thoughts on “Update: Emails to see before tonight

  1. These people are at least consistent in their refusal to listen to the public. They are seriously planning to hit us with $54 Million in more debt and higher taxes. A sports complex is not going to attract new businesses and jobs to the area. The increased taxation will do the opposite. How many more businesses and people have to leave the area before they end this non-stop spending spree? We have not even begun to start paying the principal on the Uptown debt.

    Who is driving this complex?


  2. What a crazy meeting!! Can you believe they are still talking about the soccer complex. Thanks for giving us a heads up Diane! Nobody will cover the done deal Sport’s complex talked about tonight!

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      1. What?!?!? there must have been some code only the elite insiders understood. Because you reported the facts. No doubt, they talked about soccer fields. Was pinky there? I’m sure she loves spending money on soccer! All they want to do is take our 💰


  3. Diane, you are right about the joint meeting. Must see TV. Grab the popcorn and beer because the liberals are gathering to steal more money for worthless projects and the voters will not be able to stop them unless you dump the current (with a few exceptions) councils . This farce of a show should be more than enough evidence to the people to get out and vote these idiots out.

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    1. Leftists, not liberals. BIG difference. Kind of like the difference between illegal aliens and migrants, or guns and assault weapons. If the left controls what words you use, they control what you say.


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