New Bloomington Website – waste of YOUR space

By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington is now posting information about meetings in a new place with a different presentation:   Instead of being able to view supporting documents on-line, everything now downloads automatically.  Either people will no longer look at the documentation or their computers will be clogged with a bunch of […]

Chemberly’s big announcement

By: Diane Benjamin Yep, Dan Brady’s seat. It wasn’t hard to put together the pieces of that particular jig saw puzzle. I wonder if Chemberly can explain her personal finance history. She’s sitting on the Normal Town Council spending over $100,000,000 a year but seems to have some difficulties with her own finances! With her […]

I Predict . . . .

At 5:01 Chemberly Cummings is going to announce she is running for Dan Brady’s seat in the 105th District. This latest stunt will be billed as: At 5:01 I’m announcing I am going to flip the 105th. (5:01 – 105th get it?) Of course she will be running as a Democrat. I could be wrong, […]

Is Normal GIVING away property to ISU?

By: Diane Benjamin The Art Gallery in Uptown is on the agenda for Monday: See PDF pages 34 and following. The docs contains very little financial information except what ISU has already paid. It does say the current lease agreement will be extended until February 2020. As I reported in this story: The […]

Normal: Emails you need to see

By:  Diane Benjamin All of these emails were received by FOIA. Remember when the Trustees job was described by Chris Koos, Pam Reece, and others as “Policy Only”? Those comments were made to Stan Nord in regards to his questioning spending.  He was told that wasn’t his job. Evidently the job of a Trustee is […]

WJBC – Scott Miller & Tari Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner was on WJBC this morning.  Since Scott did a lot of the talking, it’s was hard to tell who was interviewing who. Miller is upset the Kimberly Bray didn’t use the Spanish pronunciation of Jenn’s last name last Monday.  Maybe Kim just Americanized it since we are in America.  Jenn […]

Normal’s Cannabis Plan

By:  Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal must be laughing at Bloomington today, they aren’t taking the suggestion of a short-term alderman to decide how to proceed with regulating cannabis. Note to Jenn:  There is no DEMOCRACY in America.  Democracy is mob rule, majority wins, the minority gets trampled. As an example, in a democracy […]

IML’s latest Fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve written many stories about the Illinois Municipal League.  This organization works for cities, not the people paying their bills.  This is their latest plan: It all sounds wonderful until you look at the facts. All of these funding numbers come from the Comptroller’s website, the latest numbers for Bloomington and Normal […]

Bloomington: Carrillo clipped

By:  Diane Benjamin Consent Agenda: 23:40 – Donna Boelen pulled the purchase of the garbage trucks to talk about the Henson Disposal bills.  She wanted clarification on why Henson was getting thousands a week from the City.  She asked if the contracts will expire soon so they can be renegotiated.  City Manager Gleason said internal […]

Sports Complex?

By:  Diane Benjamin Why did the Sports Complex come back?  It looks like it’s being pushed by the Convention and Visitors Bureau:  (CVB) That email was included in one of the FOIA request I received. Another email shows the Normal City Manager’s response to a citizens opposed to the complex. I redacted he name: Meanwhile, […]

Failure to serve

By:  Diane Benjamin The local politicians have forgotten: Likely most didn’t run to serve, they ran to rule.   The people are sick of: excessive taxation handouts to government “friends” rotten roads sole focus on downtowns interference in free markets government pensions and lavish benefits laws being ignored citizens being ignored redistribution of the people’s wealth […]

Felons not going to Jail?

By:  Diane Benjamin See this story from Conservative Review:  Chicago Hellhole Parole Free Bail Jailbreak Violent Gun Felons The story is mostly about how felons, even convicted of gun violence, end up back on the streets.  Unfortunately, McLean County made the story: We know crime decreased for decades due to mandatory sentences.  That trend is […]

Why Stan got the most votes in Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin Just to remind you of how the last election turned out in Normal: Obviously a lot of people in Normal aren’t happy with the direction the Town has taken.  Obviously the Town isn’t happy with the election since Stan and Karyn are portrayed as villains or clueless whenever possible. To prove you […]

Climate Change Question

By:  Diane Benjamin Hey, it’s Friday.  Time to have some fun.  Emails received by FOIA. Remember when the US Conference of Mayors was held in Hawaii?  The same people lecturing and taxing to save the environment flew across an ocean to attend.  Mayor Koos attended the Climate Summit held right before it. Obviously Climate Change […]

Chemberly: Wrong again

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night’s Normal Town Council meeting lasted close to 4 hours.  It started with a conga line of Uptown supporters, most (if not all) connected to government.  2 objectors to the Fiala payoff were conveniently placed at the end of Public Comment.  It started at 8:00 if you want to watch. On […]

Normal: Desperate to fill Uptown?

By:  Diane Benjamin I found this one while looking for something else – the other story tomorrow. Normal prides itself on being “green” and being environment politically correct. Have you heard them talk about LEED Certification? Here’s what that means according to Wikipedia: Of course this makes construction more expensive.  Normal has building codes requiring […]