WJBC – Scott Miller & Tari Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner was on WJBC this morning.  Since Scott did a lot of the talking, it’s was hard to tell who was interviewing who.

Miller is upset the Kimberly Bray didn’t use the Spanish pronunciation of Jenn’s last name last Monday.  Maybe Kim just Americanized it since we are in America.  Jenn must not like it since she calls herself a Democratic Socialist:  un-American!

Scott must have missed how many times during meetings Tari stumbles over remembering to call them councilperson.  Tari even used “alderman” during the interview.

Life would be a lot easier if everybody just got called their first name.  That might remind them they are there to serve, not lord over the population!

Miller is also upset about council discussions.  I bet he loved the 10 minute meetings Normal used to have.  No conflicts and little discussion.  Of course the taxpayer are buried in debt because nobody cared about the taxpayers.

Scott, Tari tried to get all “yes” people elected.  He failed with at least one.  Some of his former “yes” people are no longer beholden to him.  The purpose of government is first to protect freedom and liberty for future generations.  When they forget “the people” expect vigorous opposition.

Here’s something you can call out:  Whoever whistles during applause is truly obnoxious.  Turn off your microphone!



4 thoughts on “WJBC – Scott Miller & Tari Renner

  1. One additional item relating to the Scott Miller interview with the City manager the day before;.Mr..Gleason said he was going to ask the governor about 4 capital projects. Mr. Miller, with his outstanding interviewing skills, failed to follow up on “What are those 4 capital projects.” Do you know what they are?

    I don’t expect any difficult questions from anyone at WJBC as long as the taxpayers are paying for ad time to promote City activities.

  2. The local media fawning over Renner. What a shock! Follow the money. Ad revenue is disproportionately from government and quasi-government. Same can be said of the EDC and Chamber of (Crony) Commerce. It’s amazing how there never seems to be any media or business organizations that question Renner publicly, no matter the situation.

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