18 years


5 thoughts on “18 years

  1. We will never forget those who were taken from us or forgive those who did this to us. Radical Islam and the Muslims who support it will be fought and defeated at home and overseas by freedom loving Americans.

    And finally Rep. Ilhan Omar: We reject you and your radical Islamic ideology. 9/11 was more than “some people did something!” Rep. Dan Crenshaw reacts to Ilhan Omar’s comments about 9/11 https://youtu.be/VuyjsnxbBvk

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    1. Omar is part of the foreign sorority girl triumvirate that uses their mouths more than their brains to draw attention to themselves. They are only capable of getting elected by using race and gender to their advantage. If she didn’t have protection around her she wouldn’t be so bold or her friends. Her whole purpose is to instigate controversy in any way possible with the hope of starting violence. Just like another ungrateful local female immigrant we know.

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  2. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum in NYC will have a profound effect on you. It is a must experience if you are ever in the city. As you approach the memorial, you can hear the running water fall at least a block away even with the noise of the city. Once on the grounds, you hear nothing from the visitors. You immediately realize you are really on a burial ground of hundreds if not thousands. Sobering doesn’t begin to describe it. Cards, letters, flowers, pictures, etc. are scattered about in the openings of the name plaques of the victims. Personal human feelings. You can’t help but rub your fingers over names inscribed in the plaques. I walked around both towers, every side. It is hard to walk away. The museum will also punch you in the gut and bring out every human emotion. I felt anger. Every American should see it. Every American should want to see it. It’s a life changer on perspective. Bless them all.

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