Normal’s Cannabis Plan

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal must be laughing at Bloomington today, they aren’t taking the suggestion of a short-term alderman to decide how to proceed with regulating cannabis.

Note to Jenn:  There is no DEMOCRACY in America.  Democracy is mob rule, majority wins, the minority gets trampled.

As an example, in a democracy the mob wants your pets, they take your pets leaving you with no pets.  Nobody cares – majority rules.

In a Republic individuals have rights.  The opinions of the majority are immaterial, your stuff is your stuff.  I hope you have pets to cuddle, you need at least one.

“Democracy” is clearly why the left wants to abolish the electoral college.  They want mob rule.  They want to extinguish the voices of the minority.  That would be everyone in fly-over country.   Are you in that camp Jenn?

Back to cannabis:

The below is part of an email Pam Reece sent to the Council – received by FOIA.

In Normal, the staff is handling it!


This gem was also included:


I’ve got a ton of really interesting emails, trying to formulate how to present them.

16 thoughts on “Normal’s Cannabis Plan

  1. Democracy is two wolves and one lamb deciding what’s for dinner.

    Back to the town of Normal, who needs an elected body of representatives when we’ve got her majesty Queen Pamela Reece and her humble city servants to formulate what’s best for us. How dare we question them. Maybe Jenn Carrillo should try her hand at being a city manager.

      1. It took 2 years to roll-out the medical marijuana legislation. It took 2 years to roll out the Video Gaming legislation. What makes anyone think a 600+ page piece of legislation will be rolled out by January 1 without a few glitches?

    1. Pam is just following in the footsteps of her mom Sonia Reece. Sonia ran the council during her tenure and she made sure her daughter is doing the same.

  2. Pamela is not my favorite, but at least she’s using formal channels by prompting the Town Council to roll out an ordinance, which would be subject to vote by elected officials, open to public comment (as long as it’s on topic…haha), and entered into the record. Jenn, on the other hand, wants to create a committee for selfish political and personal gain that would be out of view of the public.

  3. False dichotomy. A republic by nature is a form of democracy because the people elect government officials by majority vote (except for President and appointments) and the work of the government is carried out in a representative manner. Democracy can exist without a Republic but a Republic cannot exist without Democracy. You could go a step further and say we have. a Federal Constitutionalist Democratic Republic if you want to be technical.

      1. Tyranny never lasts either. History shows that the people crush tyranny . Tari and Koos may want to read history to find out how tyranny ends.It aint pretty!

  4. I pointed out to the Mayor that Task Forces are actually just another layer of government. Remember the Downtown Task Force? It ended up creating 2 new taxpayer funded positions. It also created a ton of needless work by staff and council and cost tax payers. I don’t trust any task force where a Council Member appoints themself as the chair. All that said based on the votes last night, it’s a done deal. The Ayes will ensure more government with less citizen input. Jenn is a liar. That is all. And what exactly did she mean when she said people see what’s happening? Yes we see you trying to dictate and not represent your Ward Jenn. We see it loud and clear.

      1. I dont care if Jenn is black, white or purple! It aint the color of her skin that matters but the lack of brain cells that makes me furious !

      2. With Jenn,, it’s always about race, never about one’s character or doing what’s best for the entire community. It’s always about her being an angry brown woman.

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