Chemberly’s big announcement

By: Diane Benjamin

Yep, Dan Brady’s seat.

It wasn’t hard to put together the pieces of that particular jig saw puzzle.

I wonder if Chemberly can explain her personal finance history. She’s sitting on the Normal Town Council spending over $100,000,000 a year but seems to have some difficulties with her own finances!

With her history, Springfield may be the “right fit”. They can’t balance a budget either!







13 thoughts on “Chemberly’s big announcement

  1. Did you catch how the Pantycrap had to get in their digs: “She’s been a consistent ally of longtime Mayor Chris Koos, who has come under fire since two critics were elected to the council this April, but she said changing dynamics on the council did not affect her decision to run.”


  2. In respect for Dan, he DID come to the house UNEXPECTED and present my mother with a flag that had flown over the STATE capital and present it to her for my late father who was a WWII vet. He does have SOME RESPECT and RESPECT for families of veterans, and is one of the FEW politicians who (in the words of a local businessman) can be in 7 places at one time ! MAybe he is the lesser of ALL evils NOW in the picture, none the less they are ALL politicians! As for Chemberly, she will NEVER have nor GAIN the respect that people like Dan has. She is a narcissist and a hateful being who has NO PLACE in public service. And as previously stated should look into anger management or just quit.. The latter being being the BETTER choice FOR ALL INVOLVED!


  3. Oh Dear Lord……and this boys and girls, is why local politics matters – these little nuisances like Chemberly first sprout in city/county politics then they grow and grow, or at least they try to, and it’s often the worst ones who feel the need to “grow”, I’ll say it again, Oh Dear Lord…


  4. This is no laughing matter. We actually have people, in the state of Illinois, no less, who in the beginning stages of their campaign first, before rolling out any platform on the issues, introduce themselves as a “Royal Fortress.” All this from a person who already sits in a seat of power in Uptown and consistently refers to that role as “governing.” Is this a Town Council or a monarchy?

    Wake up, Illinois! You are not being represented. If Chemberly is a Royal Fortress, what is Dan Brady?

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  5. I predict when this narcissist loses to Dan she will claim “voter suppression” playing the race-card that she lost because she is black! ☹️


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