Want to see condescending?

By: Diane Benjamin

Many people wondered what the Town of Normal was up to when they decided to stop enforcing the State Energy Codes. For a Town that has no problem spending taxpayer money to be “green” it didn’t feel right. See this story: https://blnnews.com/2019/08/06/normals-stan-nord-fires-back/

Side note: ISU is building housing for sophomores. What codes do they have to comply with? Better question, will the rental market decline when all those kids don’t need to live off campus anymore? Will the rental property owners demand their assessment be decreased? If “yes”, the Town of Normal will still need the same amount of money – guess where they will get it!

More emails received by FOIA:

Stan received this response from Mayor Chris Koos:

Quit wasting staff’s time? Did Koos miss the part about “the public is asking”?

And then he sent a correction:

Pam Reece chimed in with the same explanation given at the meeting

Karyn Smith obviously had the same questions, I didn’t see Koos being condescending to her.

7 thoughts on “Want to see condescending?

  1. I’m just a dumb yokel, so what do I know? This appears like “staff says its prudent so we do it”. Who elected them? I just see a huge disconnect with citizens, and Council members. It certainly isn’t government by the people. Its dictatorship by the elite.

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  2. You go, Mr. Nord! You’re obviously getting under the mayor’s skin by advocating for the taxpayer. The citizens of Normal are fortunate to have you and Ms. Smith in the game.


  3. “Stop wasting staffs time’?

    It’s getting really hard to figure out who is the bigger jackass some days – Triple Taxin’ Tari or Mayor Kookoo.

    In the end, there can be only one.


  4. While it does happen on the “right” I have found a great many of the “left” to be extremely rude and condescending unless you are one of their true comrades, and/or useful to them in some way OR they are pandering – it’s been this way for a LONG time – BloNo certainly has their full quota of them that’s for sure – they truly believe they “rule” and “we” should be simply their subjects who pay tribute and for the most part remain silent. They are the “smart people” and they know best.


  5. Koos needs anger management training. Stan is doing his JOB. KOOS IS NOT! Maybe Koos needs to take advantage of all the Mental Health facilities that are getting taxpayer funding. I’m sure for Koos they will find a nice quiet room for him.


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