Update: Want to buy an eyesore?

A reader sent this link:  https://hibid.com/catalog/182487/102-s-east-st–bloomington–il/

An auction is underway until 9/23.  The listing claims it is gutting and cleaned inside.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Lovely “Welcome to Downtown Bloomington”.  102 S East.

I can’t find the listing, but the property taxes will be sold for the second year on November 1st.  Last year the taxes were purchased by CKZ Investments of Highland Park.


The seller can’t even clean up the weeds?


15 thoughts on “Update: Want to buy an eyesore?

  1. I could not find a listing either. Tax bill is overdue once again to the owner of record which is the Devin Group at 307 East Grove St. Unpaid taxes for this year are $14,167.24 plus a penalty of $531.27. EAV is 168,332 with a fair market assessed of $505,000. Tax ID# 21-04-345-005

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  2. This building has been an eyesore for as long as I can remember. As you walk by, watch for crumbling bricks and step lively around the Amazonian weeds that surround it. Guess the owners have immunity from citation since the building is in Downtown. Like much of Downtown, properties were bought by local speculators with pie in the sky, grandiose expectations, which have never materialized. Many properties are even worse inside with the owners reluctant to rehab unless a prospective tenant coughs up an insane amount of money to make up for the owner’s loss on the investment. The ownership of the CII building is probably trying to ride the wave from the latest news concerning the State Farm building, hoping to find an equally unsavy and delusional investor that take it off their hands. Good luck with that one.

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  3. Before any further discussions regarding the fate of the State Farm building, the C2 East building should be removed from the skyline of Downtown Bloomington. This matter should be on a City Council meeting
    agenda. The owners should tear it down. You are correct Diane, in calling it an “eyesore”, a Downtown Bloomington Eyesore. Councilpeople, this might be considered dereliction of duty which is profoundly distasteful to the eyes of many of us.


      1. The City is unlikely to initiate any contact with the owner. Any contact probably has to go through legal counsel based on passed litigation between the two parties. Generally, a very wise move and sound legal advice in these sorts of situations. That said, I share your frustrations.

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  4. Anyone but me notice that the damaged corner of the new jail has never been correctly fixed? Look closely it’s easy to see. It was damaged during construction. Even new buildings in downtown Bloomington are a joke!


  5. Just wondering how this building the old Montgomery Wards building are getting by with this. The Grand Cafe building has like $150,000 in fines. Do these these other buildings have that also?


    1. Wow! Seriously, $150,000 in fines?! Are fines the new backdoor to eminent domain? After all, who but government would acquire a property with liabilities like massive fines or back taxes (cough, cough…Chateau)?


      1. Yes, excessive fines are indeed their way of getting properties they want for one reason or another. “Code Enforcement” is truly diabolical, think of it as a big HOA with a TON more clout run by the most persnickety little fussbudgets you can possibly imagine. Code enforcement has always been just more revenue with a disguise as being for the public good/safety/etc. While I can understand if a building is truly dangerous, things need to be done but the way this town, and many others like it, go about this is morally reprehensible.

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