In honor of Chemberly’s Friday announcement . . .

By: Diane Benjamin

Sometimes I see an email that so so well written and sums up perfectly what a lot of people think, I have to post it.

This was received by FOIA – I redacted the writer’s name.

Friday at 5:01 pm Chemberly claims to be making a big announcement. I think I will predict what it is shortly before.

11 thoughts on “In honor of Chemberly’s Friday announcement . . .

  1. This is priceless. Thanks for sharing. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. The writer speaks for a whole lot of people in the town of Normal. Chemberly is campaigning hard to be a one term Council member and I’m going to do my damnedest to see that she is.

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  2. The suspense is killing me. The hungry fans wait….

    What’s she doing at 5:01 pm tomorrow and where did you get the announcement?

    Is she going to go Jeff Fritzen on us? A Chris Koos frustration rant? Announcement of her reelection campaign?

    Where’s she making this announcement?


  3. I don’t know the substance of Chemberly’s announcement, but in all likelihood, it will effectively be the beginning of the end of her one and only term on the Town Council.

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  4. Whomever this person is deserves a standing ovation from the citizens of BLONO! They said everything most of us have been saying for years. I fear though,that the target of this email will not heed the warning and advice. Koos does have some serious issues. So does Tari. They both need a little help. They keep pushing Mental Health , which is good , but I think they best take advantage of it as well.

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  5. Makes one feel sorry for the REST of the council members who HAVE to listen to her “abusive” rants. Anger shortens ones life, maybe she’s looking into a retirement home?


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