Emails too good not to post

By: Diane Benjamin

This statement is on the Town of Normal website – even though Chris Koos and company try to tell Stan Nord and Karyn Smith talking to citizens about locating in Normal isn’t their job:

It looks like citizens would rather contact Stan and Karyn:

Once again, Karyn speaks for many of us:

It looks like Kathleen Lorenz would vote for a gas tax increase in Normal. Of course only to match Bloomington, the stations in Normal can’t be allowed a windfall because Bloomington fleeced drivers there:

More Kathleen, she’s wasn’t happy with Stan:

Now let’s hear from a citizen:

11 thoughts on “Emails too good not to post

  1. Kathleen Lorenz’s problem is not speed, but priorities. I think she’s afraid of a lot of what Stan Nord and Karyn Smith are uncovering and what has yet to be discovered. A lot of it will make her look bad because she voted for it. Kathleen is already preparing her elevator speech to handle the fallout.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize Kathy (can I say that?) was such a sports expert. Guess I should have know since she presumably attended a Big Ten university When interacting with them, you find out quickly they are experts on everything. Sounds like she is in line for a retirement administrative job in either the ISU or IWU athletics department in a few years. I think I may show up unannounced at the next meeting of the Sports Commission and learn something from the expert. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of attending a council meeting, Lorenz is usually the one asking for clarifications or questions that reveal how clueless she is on most municipal issues. Her offer to help Stan navigate the surly trail of local politics is beyond funny. Just another in a long line of BN phonies.

    1. She’s a college teacher? I’m aghast. I guess she is like everyone else, no proofreading. “I’m HEAR to help you through whatever learning curve…..” Sad.

      1. Kathleen is not a college teacher. Her profession is as an advisor…seriosly… (hence her quoting of those books.) Also, notice that she did not cc anyone in her email to Koos. Kathleen is also included in behind the scenes discussions regarding the sports complex, exerting her influence because of her position on the Sports Commission. Is that her job as a Council member or should staff be doing that work? What nerve to chastise a colleague.

  3. If all of this wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable. Normal is merely a microcosm of Springfield and of Washington D.C. The swamp is not just our Nation’s Capital, the swamp is our political system from the bottom up. Our government has become a comedy of errors. If you support Mr. Nord then please attend the Normal Council meetings. We must all do our civic duty, and we must all ask nothing in return.

  4. Koos is mad because he’s losing his iron grip on Normal and its central planning. Pretty telling when business owners interested in growth avoid the mayor and town manager. Kathleen longs for the days of go-along-to-get-along 20 minute Town Council meeting when her votes and decisions weren’t questioned. Sorry Kathleen the momentum continues to swing in the opposite direction. Wonder if she once pictured herself as the executive director of the sports complex with a cushy six-figure salary.

    1. She does long for those days of 10 minute Council meetings and as I previously stated Stan Nord and Karyn Smith are now shining the light on it. She’s running scared right now because she has not exercised her fiduciary responsibility because she’s been content to take the word of the city manager and city staff. Stan Nord has shown us what that’s worth.

  5. I wish I could have been a fly in the room when Pam and Chris read that last paragraph in Council Member Nord’s email about sharing the contact information with Bloomington City Manager.

  6. Stan and Karyn: There is more dirt out there and the lemmings and HRH are getting worried you are going to find the paydirt. When they start calling you names you know you’ve got more digging to do! I’m “HEAR” to encourage you, keep digging. You too, Diane. There’s more dirt out there and hopefully some of the emails will help them dig it out.

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