Is Tesla paying for electricity in Uptown?

By:  Diane Benjamin

May 2, 2013:  Tesla Ordinance

We know taxpayers are subsidizing electric vehicle charging in Uptown, recently it was reported at a Council meeting the Town found it too expensive to install equipment to make people pay for the electricity they use.

What about the Tesla charging stations?



We know if they are charged at a “Level 2” charging station taxpayers get the bill.  What about the Tesla “Superchargers”?

Are you subsidizing them too?

If yes, all ordinances passed by the Council are immaterial.


6 thoughts on “Is Tesla paying for electricity in Uptown?

  1. So that’s fun. Tesla vehicles (and a lot of other electric vehicles) are way out of the price range for most local citizens. There has already been a parking shortage in Uptown Parking and they want 10 spots? What’s even more fun is the federal government gave out a tax credit to individuals who could afford these $100K and up vehicles. Suck it up citizens and just ride the Connect busses, rumor has it the busses are going to be big and electric.. Just to be clear people who can’t afford a bicycle are subsidizing electric vehicles on more than one level.

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  2. Ridiculous! People who drive electric vehicles should pay for their own “fuel.” Interesting what they consider to be too expensive. Just let all the tax paying citizens of Normal pay for the fuel these electric cars use. Unbelievable!

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  3. They also have them at the airport. There is one vehicle that is always charging out there. I assume it is either an airline or CIRA employee.


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