Ward 6: You elected a fruit loop

Ward 6 Alderman Jenn Carrillo wants to turn America into Venezuela.  Think she doesn’t want to do the same thing to Bloomington?  How much time does she even spend in Bloomington?



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13 thoughts on “Ward 6: You elected a fruit loop

  1. Having lived deeply among them for years, my God, EVERY cliche, every buzzword and and every beacon of false hope is used in that dribble – I even read it in “their” voice, yes they have a certain intonation and cadence that they use for this sort of thing, and it actually makes me a little sick in the pit of my stomach. WHY are some still so blind to these charlatans? I would like to say it’s their schooling, but there are plenty in their 50s, 60s, 70s even 80s who fall hook line and sinker for this garbage. It makes me a bit sad, but I don’t even feel sorry for them any more.

      1. True, which is why I don’t, and it’s the poor duped sheep that I feel a little sad for, but the truth is out there if they would just look, but they don’t, they “resist” and refuse and are content to think they know it all by watching Colbert, and CNN and MSDNC and continue to think people like Robert DeNiro and George Clooney have any concept of reality.

    1. It’s the college kids (high school too) who are being indoctrinated. Free school, free healthcare, free, free, free. It’s only until the become fully employed (if they can even get a job with their degree.) that they truly start to understand. Most have no concept of what it means to live within their means. To work their ass off to survive. Helicopter parents and now the snowplow parents are doing them no favors.

    2. How exactly is a first term Latina city council member turning the United States in a South American country? Isn’t your entire hypothesis more abou giving power to someone who actually has very little power?. Ms Carrillo doesn’t have the clout you’re giving her. The fact that you keep on writing about her says more about you than her. Apparently you need to continually rile up your readerships with outrage where it’s pretty much a non issue.

      1. It is amazing that you don’t realize that Carrillo is exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party. You don’t seem to understand that main stream Americans will continue to reject her and everything she stands for. The entire base that supports President Trump (like me a former 50+ Union Democrat) is sick of what these people are trying to ram down our throats (radical totalitarian socialism).

        As for this Carrillo person. See below Cara – spent some time with someone who has left the plantation and see if you still feel the same way about this opportunistic completely unqualified Carrillo.

        The Candace Owens Show https://www.prageru.com/candace/

        I dare you to watch just one of her episodes…..

      2. Cara, I served three years in the Army in the 60’s. I always hear someone say that they have the freedom in this Country to do pretty much all that is LEGAL. Now someone asked if you would ask a Service Man today if he served so you could display not only another Country’s flag at your Councilman’s desk during meetings, but a larger one too boot, I would without any hesitation tell you no I did not and will gladly take it and give it the proper discarding. If the rest of the Board sits there like a bump on a pickle and lets this person openly degrade our State, Federal and local laws, they should all be replaced at the next elections.

  2. I have spent a lot of time reading Russian history and all the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. These folks are want-to-be communists. Under this veneer of BS lies budding totalitarian socialism (communism). These people and their ideology is dangerous and must be fought vigorously. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn believed that during Stalin’s time in power he killed 80 million Russians to make his communist dreams come true. Yes, this is what we are up against.

  3. Such misguided fools. The problem is they have Soros money backing them to destroy this country and they are too stupid to realize it. Just throw some money at them and they will do anything…like Antifa.

  4. For everyone who likes NPC University this is a good one, as follow up to my suggestion to Cara to watch a Candice Owens video. Check it out… NPC University The Evaluation https://youtu.be/8S1xaB76E44

    Cara you might want to watch this too…. You might be an NPC and not realize it?

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