Fake Republicans on the Normal Town Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

Kathleen Lorenz claims to be a Republican, so does Scott Preston.   It is Republicans like these that made me leave the Republican Party years ago.  The days of voting for party are long gone. Base your vote on the CHARACTER of the candidate, not the party.

Both Lorenz and Preston know Normal’s Public Comment policy violates the Open Meetings Act.

Just in case both have their heads buried somewhere, they can see the facts here:  https://blnnews.com/2019/09/05/normals-illegal-public-comment-policy-2/

Both Lorenz and Preston have done nothing to comply with the law.  Both could team up with Karyn Smith and Stan Nord and demand dropping “agenda items” from the policy.  That should have been done months ago, but neither have demanded it or spoken publicly about it.

The Republicans are holding an indoor picnic tomorrow.  If Lorenz and Preston bother to show up, Republicans need to express their disgust at the behavior exhibited by both on the Normal Town Council.  Republicans used to care about the law, do they still care?

Failure to change the policy by Koos, McCarthy, and Cummings is expected.  None think opinions of citizens matter – especially when those citizens elect two Trustees that refuse to play the tax and debt game.

Evidently Lorenz and Preston feel the same way.

The Town of Normal has proven the only way they are going to comply with the law is if someone FORCES them to comply.  If Illinois had a competent Attorney General that would have happened a long time ago.

If the citizens hadn’t voted for tyrant 2 years ago, this wouldn’t be an issue either.


4 thoughts on “Fake Republicans on the Normal Town Council

  1. We were better served when the County Board and both Councils involved partisan politics, before becoming “non-partisan”. The fact is that it never really happened. Now it is collusion and skulduggery between the GOP and the Dems. Washington D.C. has become the Capitol of the United Swamps of America. We need a house cleaning from the city halls, the courthouses, the State Capitals, and the U.S.Congress. Let us endeavor to keep this peaceful and civil.

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  2. She says she’s a Republican so when she shows up to Republican events, it looks legit. In reality, she is probably the designated “spy” for koos and others. I personally observed her going into Eric’s Restaurant on Wood St. with tari renner. They were chatting and she had a big smile on her face. Republican? More like “Snake in the Grass.”

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    1. Anybody who would voluntarily take a meal with Lil’ Tari is either a glutton, an idiot………or a prostitute. Chicago……2003.


  3. Wolves in sheep’s clothes. These two have voted many times for;
    – unprecedented debt accumulation
    – corporate welfare disguised as economic development
    – free or extremely low cost leases of taxpayer owned properties to “friends of the town”
    – not allowing the public to speak about how their money is being spent unless it is on the agenda
    – etc
    And they ignore the voices of the citizens of today. “Upittytown at any cost” should have been their campaign slogans.

    When elected republicans don’t vote in line with the republican ideals then voters will further distrust politicians and the party to whom they belong. If this is allowed to continue, the local republican party will crumble and all but disappear in McLean County.

    Advertising oneself as a republican to get elected then voting completely the opposite is false advertising and frauding voters.

    Politicians then wonder why people do not trust them or government.

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