Believe in ballot Access? Prove it

By: Diane Benjamin

Illinois makes it difficult for political parties other than Democrats and Republicans to have ballot access. Parties like the Libertarians have to collect many more signatures than either of the others. It isn’t fair and it sure isn’t “democracy”.

If you want to see how Illinois discriminates against 3rd parties, see this link:

Here’s an example, only 2 parties are qualified:

Voters have the perfect chance to help the Libertarians this election. There isn’t a Democrat running for McLean County Treasurer. The Republican is going to win, but you can help the Libertarians get to the 5% they need for easier ballot access in McLean County.

Of course the democrats could try to unseat McNeil by voting Libertarian.

No I’m not a Libertarian. They deserve fair ballot access though. Consider voting for Sila especially if you live in Bloomington/Normal. The County will vote Republican.

FYI: 3 judges are seeking retention. Don’t vote without information! More later.






3 thoughts on “Believe in ballot Access? Prove it

  1. Libertarians should just take over the Republican Party and tell the RINO’s to go to the Democrat party where they belong. That is an easier way to get ballot access and god knows the Republicans don’t have the courage to kick any Democrats out of their party.

    1. That’s why I’m a LIRP – Libertarian In the Republican Party. Different from a RINO, best exemplified by a conversation I’m sure has been had Many times and places over the years:
      “Republicans want lower taxes, Libertarians want lower taxes, Republicans want to cut stupid regulations, Libertarians want to cut stupid regulations, Republicans are pro-human-rights like free speech and self-defense, Libertarians are pro-human rights. So how are the Libertarians different?”
      “We actually mean it!”

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