Proof Bloomington has no Transparency (and willing to break laws)

Since I have lots of new readers since 2013, I’m reposting this story. You need to know who Mark Peterson is and why his opinions are immaterial. Rob Fazzini lost his attempt to crown himself super alderman!


by:  Diane Benjamin

Recently I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the City of Bloomington for all emails From or To every City employee regarding the Modified Ward System.  I included Alderman Rob Fazzini’s personal emails in the request.  Yes, they are subject to FOIA requests.  I included 2 court decisions in the request to prove it.

One of the documents I received was this one:


This letter was included stating why information on numerous emails was redacted:


Below is the actual email they redacted:

Peterson (2)

The City of Bloomington ILLEGALLY redacted the text of Normal City Manager Mark Peterson’s email and an email Fazzini sent to his Ward supporters.  I could file a civil court case against them, and I still might.  Nothing in these two emails qualifies for redaction under the law.  There is no personal information, just incredibly stupid comments.

Illinois FOIA law:

(j) If the…

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One thought on “Proof Bloomington has no Transparency (and willing to break laws)

  1. It is funny to watch them squirm when you have them by the balls.

    I’ve been there myself when their search results were utterly incomplete. At the same time, never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.

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