Update: WGLT: Go deeper

I was just informed Missouri has withdrawn from ERIC too. You have to read the story to understand why!

By: Diane Benjamin

See this story: https://www.wglt.org/politics-and-government/2022-09-13/voter-roll-purges-are-not-going-to-happen-in-illinois-a-state-election-official-says

The story completely falls apart when they get to ERIC: Electronic Registration Information Center.

States bought into this tiny group – 3 employees according to their tax returns – to help track voter registrations of people who move. That is not what they do however. ERIC is a get out the vote effort that requires states to reach out to unregistered voters and get them registered even if they don’t want to be. ERIC has access to all your personal information and they share it with other non-profits like CEIR: Center for Election Innovation and Research. Both ERIC and CEIR were founded by the same guy, a disgraced former DOJ employee David Becker. CEIR creates ways for states to contact the voters they want to reach by phone, email, or text. The below was obtained by FOIA in Georgia.

Louisiana withdrew from ERIC:

Why would ERIC demand member states contact 95% of all unregistered voters? Reports show voter roles get much larger right before national elections and then magically shrink before final vote counts are recorded and a list of actual voters is printed.

Maybe WGLT will want to investigate! ERIC does not do what they reported, those are just the talking points used to sell it to states that don’t do their own research. Luckily other people are doing the work for them.

If you think all this is complicated, I could have printed a TON more! Illinois needs to leave ERIC. People who move out of Illinois need to cancel their registration here before they leave. The voter rolls are a mess and ERIC makes them worse.

More from CEIR:

8 thoughts on “Update: WGLT: Go deeper

  1. Do not- I repeat – Do Not trust anything digital, tracking systems snd integrations or electronic.

    Lotsa private and public depts and folks pushing deception. At your expense. Illinois has become a China like state and counties tracking and sharing personal info and integrating.

    Follow the money. Data deception galore. CEntral Illinois real Illinois is now a little mode and you and your data are the test rats.

    Where were our politicians?

  2. I attribute the Dem’s on-going success to two things. First they out work the Republicans to get their agenda through and secondly they stick together on all issues.

    Something we have not been able to accomplish.

  3. Illinois’ problem is bigger than any of this. Thanks to JB, Chicago and the local liberal faction, criminals will soon be getting kicked loose ad nauseum and coming to a neighborhood near you. Also, the state will continue to receive the best from the south of the border as Texas has finally had enough and busing illegals to Chicago. JB and Mayor Beetlejuice will distribute the new wealth proportionally to be enjoyed by equally by everyone. All your lives to get progressively worse. Nothing positive is in your futures.

  4. “All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing.”
    As one frequent poster says: Support good candidates, recruit good candidates, be good candidates.

    Conventional wisdom says don’t talk religion or politics. * DO * Talk * Politics * But do it in terms people can identify with. Democrats are the party of inflation – why would anybody support that? Democrats are the party of destroying supply chains and businesses even after the virus scare no longer warranted it – why would anybody support that? And despite all the TV ads trying to demonize Bailey, *Democrats* are the party of ending medical freedom – why would anybody support that?

    But, but, abortion rights, you know? Keeping all the morality and emotion out of it, abortion is a medical procedure. There is certainly merit to feeling preventing people from getting medical procedures is wrong. But which is worse, preventing people from getting medical procedures they need, or forcing them to get medical procedures they Don’t need? Leg amputation, breast implants, appendectomy, face lift, heart transplant, abortion, whatever else. If you prevent them, one can usually get them elsewhere or try alternative treatment; worst case, yes, people will be negatively impacted and some even die. But what of Forcing them on people who Don’t need them? More people are More negatively impacted, and More die.
    The Democrats used the virus to become the party of forced medical procedures. First they prevented use of the best available early treatments, then forced Experimental shots that have since been shown to not be very effective on people who didn’t need them in the first place, and forced masking in situations where it wasn’t warranted, and even in some where it was actually harmful.
    Even if you disagree with the underlying premise of the anti-abortion crowd, their stance is still one of misguided good intentions. But what was the reasoning of the virus-overreaction crowd? They get a pass for the first few weeks or months because they may not have known better, but what about the full two years since then? Why? Money? Control? Politics? It wasn’t health or science because those didn’t support their policies. No good intentions in any of those motives.
    But, but, denying abortion is much more serious than making somebody wear a mask! True, but we’ve already established that even if one considers outlawing abortion to be bad, supporters provide a clear reasoning for it and that reasoning only applies in narrow circumstances. The flip side is forced medical procedures for no good reason, and ‘no good reason’ is pretty much guaranteed to apply in more and more situations if it isn’t stopped early. Further, the masks are not the appropriate comparison, but rather the heart issues and deaths that have resulted from shots that were not needed and not effective, but still forced by Democrats – shots that were not properly tested so it’s possible there are even worse longer-term affects awaiting our children,

    So if your choices are supporting a bad medical policy based on good intentions, or supporting Worse medical policy based on selfish intentions, which is really the better choice?

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