Pre-meeting food fest and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight’s festivities of the Bloomington City Council start with feeding themselves.  3 meetings are scheduled so the main event at 7:00 doesn’t waste time discussing the issues.  It’s much easier to pass the new tax levy when the discussion already took place earlier.

reviewMeeting #1 – Executive Session

(secret meeting)

The City discusses litigation at almost every Executive Session. They have another BIG case coming up soon – a whistle-blower Federal lawsuit pertaining to an employee who was fired for doing her job. More on that later.

It looks like the Council is finally doing their job to review Executive Session minutes. It’s required by law every six months, but laws are immaterial. Most likely they will decide not to release any minutes, secrets are more fun than transparency.

Meeting #2:

Connect Transit will discuss the route changes.  The majority of the tax levy discussion will happen at this meeting instead of at the regular Council meeting at 7:00.  The vote will happen at 7:00, but most citizens won’t know what was said at this meeting.  The liberal media is dutifully reporting your taxes aren’t going up.  They are, but when has the media presented facts?  See this story:


The library is rapidly becoming a dinosaur due to technology.  Facts won’t stop them from using your tax dollars to save themselves from extinction.

Bad choices by government will continue until citizens either vote for fiscal responsibility or are chased out of town by taxes.

I wonder if anyone will ask Connect Transit about shutting down?

More on Connect Transit next!

In case you missed what’s coming at 7:00pm:

Coliseum keeps Bleeding








  1. Libraries DO serve a purpose, but the Bloomington AND Normal libraries are redundant! What with Milner and the I.W.U. libraries here they are like drops in a ocean. ISU has a GOVERNMENT REPOSITORY which holds ALL the USGS bulletins and Professional Papers, which as such CANNOT (or should not ) be checked out, due to loss, completeness and value. Also Milner at ONE time had roughly the 5th largest map collection in the us-only behind Library of Congress, National Geographic and the USGS at VA and Denver. So at the local level they have tapes, CD’s etc, and a RARE book section, which could EASILY be melded into the museum and the library done away with! But that’s using sustainability at a NEW level, and we NEED consultants for that.
    Maybe those CAVE MEN guys with the buffalo on the cave wall WERE on to something!
    And the liberals WONDER WHY the election went the way it did??


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