Jenn’s texts and computer history

By:  Diane Benjamin

I did FOIA what Jenn was typing at the 6/17 Council meeting.  The City claimed no computer history – even though she is on video using it.

I received these three text messages – decide yourself whether FOIA was complied with.

I have to post them as PDF files – they used a huge format.

Jenn text #1

Jenn text #2

Jenn text #3


5 thoughts on “Jenn’s texts and computer history

  1. NO intelligent life here, let’s head back to Alpha Centauri…
    It’s too bad she is so bored with intelligent thinking, but then again, MAYBE NOT!
    Hopefully the dog peed on her bed!
    Makes you WONDER what the REST of the council is doing at meetings??

  2. I’m a bit confused as to what is going on here. Are these text messages supposedly from Jenn’s phone? Is this a govt issued phone? If it is a govt phone, why would she use it to conduct personal texts? She must know that a govt phone would be subject to FOIA requests.

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