Why aren’t library rules enforced?

by: Diane Benjamin

I can’t answer that question!  I continue to hear stories of obnoxious patrons at the Bloomington Library.  Staff and security personnel are evidently not enforcing the rules.  The library should be a tranquil place for patrons, not a place to dodge troublemakers.

On March 19, 2013, the Library Board approved these rules:


The complaints I hear are on the list of prohibited behavior:  disorderly, disruptive, intimating language and behavior, sleeping, and loitering.

Since the library staff is not enforcing their own rules, it’s time to go over their heads.  Contact the Mayor and City Council if you have complaints about the behavior of some at the library:  citycouncil@cityblm.org


One thought on “Why aren’t library rules enforced?

  1. Now that hot weather is here, the problem will only get worse. The library is a hangout for the disadvantaged population. Rude behavior is the norm for many of these folks.


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