Renner throwing a hissy fit

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington taxpayers paid $30,000 for a hotel feasibility study in downtown Bloomington.  It didn’t say what Renner wanted, the City would have to fund a large part of the bill to build it.  Did he give up?

Tonight it’s back on the agenda – not for a Council meeting, there is a Committee of the Whole meeting at 6:00.

5. Items to be Presented:
A. Proposed Downtown Hotel Conference Center Feasibility Study
i. Presentation by Hans Detlefsen (15 minutes)
ii. Discussion (30 minutes)

Bring it up often enough and maybe the Council will approve a public/private partnership Professor?

Putting the citizens on the hook for another boondoggle is okay because you want it?

See this link – page 20:

Occupancy rates averaged 72.6%-72.8% in 2013.  Normal is already building another hotel in Uptown.

Trying to close all the other hotels in Bloomington-Normal Mayor?  That will be the result of taxpayers are forced to fund another hotel downtown, just because you want it.

Page 22 of the report seems to say more hotel rooms will be needed.  Have you noticed Illinois flight Mayor?  Have you noticed Bloomington-Normal flight?  When was the last time a government projection was accurate?

Taxpayers of Bloomington:  Renner’s vision will only cost you $17,900,000.  For this low low price you also get a new parking structure.  (Maybe the Coliseum can use it too)







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