To CONTROL you . . .

by:  Diane Benjamin

Government talks a lot about Sustainability.  What is it?  Government’s method to control the behavior of the citizens.  They limit your rights on where to live, what to drive, and access to cheap energy because they claim your choices aren’t sustainable.

Sustainability isn’t the issue.  America is swimming in cheap energy sources, but we aren’t allowed to use them.  It’s control.  Government knows best – sit down and shut up!

There is another phrase frequently uttered by government:  Best Practices.  Bloomington Alderman Schmidt has used it many times.  Listen for it, others say it too.

What is it?  This is the Wikipedia definition:

Best practice is considered by some as a business buzzword, used to describe the process of developing and following a standard way of doing things that multiple organizations can use.

Standard?  Who’s standard?  Critical and innovative thinking not required? Or worse, not allowed?

Why am I bringing this up now?  The McLean County Chamber of Commerce is planning a conference.  I’ve written before about the Chamber.  During the last City election they threw money and ads behind the aldermen candidates who want government spending.  They are no longer an organization that champions free markets.  Everything citizens hate about government, especially picking winners and losers, the Chamber is for.  It’s called crony capitalism.

See this link to the website for the conference:

The first possible session topic is Best Practices.

They need to just rename it.  Here’s some possibilities:

  1. How to destroy independent thought
  2. How to make everybody equal even though they aren’t
  3. How to make government more powerful
  4. How to destroy a country
  5. How to rewrite the Constitution – It’s not sustainable
  6. How to make socialism/communism socially acceptable

Maybe they can merge Best Practices with Social Branding.  Anybody not familiar with the Chamber of Commerce agenda will be easily fooled, they just need some good marketing.

America became a powerful country because individuals decided their own Best Practices.  Individuals innovate.  Individuals create solutions.  Government and the Chamber of Commerce aren’t capable.  

Here’s the membership list for the McLean County Chapter:

All these businesses are contributing to the destruction of America, sadly they don’t even know it.  They think they are members of some required social club.




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