Think twice about Peter Roskam – Update

Roskam LOST!

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Tomorrow, Cong. Peter Roskam tries to move up to Majority Whip
in U.S. House Republican leadership. Our experience?
Roskam will do anything and say anything for the promotion.

To win re-election in 2008, Roskam embraced Obama. 

In 2012, Roskam chose to support a corrupt Republican culture in his hometown of Wheaton and Milton Township, rather than clean up the local GOP

With Milton Township’s Chris Heidorn as Supervisor, here’s a summary

  • up to tens of thousands of dollars spent in undocumented gas purchases
  • thousands of dollars spent dining in local restaurants
  • taxpayer funded out-of-town travel junkets and fine dining
  • alleged use of township assets used over multiple election cycles to help candidates run for office- including State Rep. Jeanie Ives
  • video and audio surveillance of employees and residents without any signs or notice
  • alleged repeated instances of drinking and driving in township van
  • no-bid contracts and contracts let to relatives
  • falsification of official budget
What did Peter Roskam do?
To stop any reform, Roskam issued an early, strong endorsement of the incumbents. Roskam called Heidorn and crew– men of integrity and good government, fiscal conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Read Nov 2012 endorsement letter.

Read March 2013 endorsement mailer.

Cong. Peter Roskam placed his seal-of-approval on Milton Supervisor Chris Heidorn and emboldened the crooked practices that continue to-date. It’s a breech of the public trust. 

In Milton Township, recently uncovered evidence suggests that Supervisor Chris Heidorn benefited with up to $1,800 in public payments for his personal continuing legal education classes. Even in Illinois, It’s illegal to use public money for personal purposes.
See documentation of the latest 2013 payment. Read 2014 supporting affidavit from Bruno Behrend, Esq. Mr. Behrend is a former director of For The Good of Illinois.

Need-less-to-say, Peter Roskam does not deserve a promotion into elected national leadership.


Founder & Chairman, For The Good of Illinois 

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Read our 2013 Summary- “The Good in Illinois


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