Your Illinois

by:  Diane Benjamin

Hopefully you don’t have to interact with the State of Illinois on-line for your business or in any other way.  They are still in the dark ages of technology.

Example #1

I recently switched my corporate account to another bank.  Illinois has a system to pay businesses taxes on-line that will debit accounts when payments are made.  I needed to hook Illinois into my new account.   It can not be done on-line.   I had to sign a form and then fax or mail it with a voided check to the State office.  The fax machine was busy for 24 hours straight, so I mailed the form.  The Federal system for paying taxes got easily switched.  Worse, the form I needed was only available for download in Internet Explorer, the last browser I would ever use.

Example #2

Recently I was in Wheaton Il.  I drove through 4 un-manned toll booths.  I don’t have I-Pass, so I followed the directions and went to and paid $1.90 x 4, $7.60.  A few weeks later I received a bill for 3 tolls plus a penalty of $20 each.  When I called, I was told the computer system would not allow the un-applied $5.70 balance to be shifted to the 3 tolls they show as un-paid.  I requested a hearing, but the guy told me the result of a hearing would be the same.  It is scheduled for 6/25.  I contacted my State Senator, Chapin Rose, and have yet to hear from his office.

Unlike Example #1 which is incompetence, Example #2 is theft by government.

Example #3

Illinois’s Medicaid processing program was developed in the 1980’s.  Instead of upgrading to an ObamaCare compliant modern program, Illinois bypassed the legislature and contracted with Michigan.  This puts Illinois on the hook for up to $190,000,000 that was never approved by Springfield.  What if Michigan cancels the agreement?  (a definite possibility!) Illinois will have no way to process Medicaid claims.  Remember Illinois pays benefits for dead people too.  Who is going to provide healthcare when reimbursement isn’t just delayed for months, but even longer?

This is the same State that gave Bloomington $700,000 for monkeys at the zoo and $254,800 to the Museum of History and $116,800 to the Children’s museum.

It is great living in a State with their priorities in the right place.  Buying votes through grants is a higher priority than efficient effective government.






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